Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeling Cocky

We had a lovely day this past weekend. We went to a part of town called Phoebus. It used to be it's own city but many years ago it was incorporated into the city of Hampton. It has many lovely shops and restaurants. We started at a used and rare bookstore which is just full of all kinds of fascinating books. We walked across the street and enjoyed a peppermint patty latte at Phoebus Coffee House . The folks there are truly friendly and very knowledgeable. After that a stroll down the street for a little window shopping. But I hadn't gone far when this little fellow caught my eye. I don't know why exactly but I had to have him.


I think he looks right at home up there. I have a couple of prints I am going to hang around him to give him some company.

I received a yummy fiber rich package in the mail today, more on that tomorrow.

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