Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ever Wondered What Happened to....

Wonder Mike, you know who I'm talking about if you graduated high school in the 80s. I was listening to my mega mp3 player that has something like 200 songs on it everything from "What the World Needs Now" by Burt Bacharach to "Rappers Delight" the extended version, not the one they played on the radio. You know the one were you felt so out of breath from singing along by the time it was over it was like you just finished working out?

This is what happens when you blog after a work out and suffer from oxygen deprivation. You start thinking too much about the songs you were listening too.

Time to unwind with some Garth Brooks and "Friends and Low Places" or whatever pops up next.

On the knitting front, it is sort of just playing catch up. I am finishing up number 3 of 4 placemats, a sweater and a second sock. I don't like having this many unfinished projects, because it prevents me from starting anything else new.

From the Diary of a suburban farmer...

It has turned hot with a vengeance here. We have had (up until this past week) a very mild July, I may have mentioned this previously. Well July decided it was going to go out with a bang and it has been hotter than hades here. I know because I had to go out this afternoon at work and do field inspections. A new residential area with very little shade and a lot of pavement. But on the bright side, the tomatoes have started taking off and turning red finally, but I fear I am going to suddenly having all my tomatoes at once. I think I will be giving plenty of them away. No point in canning them, I still have a cabinet full of tomatoes I canned last summer.

The string beans are doing nicely and the cucumbers and also exploding off the vine, the only thing that hasn't caught up yet are the peppers but it is only a matter of a few days and there will be ready as well.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

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KimT said...

i have a little potted veggi Garden. I planted squash, bell peppers and tomatos. Unfortunately, I planted the Garden and then went to ohio for two weeks to get my son. Of course, once we got home, I had very little time for my little victory garden. So, unfortunately the tomato plant dies. the squash plants flower but bare no fruit. But I do have two bell peppers! So I guess it was worth it all!