Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh to Pass the Time on a Summers Day

It is cloudy and sort of yukky here today, if you had the mind for a bright sunny summer today in which to welcome pirates with; but if you are sort of person who is into gray, and clouds and the kind of stillness all around that is brought about by weather that keeps everyone inside, it is then a perfect day.

Days like this my creative mind runs wild, all is quiet, I have the house to myself the possibilities are endless, I could paint that room I've been trying to paint for a month now. I could relax with some knitting or spinning. I could clean, oh hang on, lost control there for a minute. A good book is perfect for a day like today.

And then I read a book such as this: The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brockett

And it makes me want to bake lovely cakes like she, and learn to quilt and sew and knit something extrodinary.

I know this book as been out for a little while and there probably aren't many people left who haven't read it, but if you are one, please read it, it is simply wonderful!

You can find Ms. Brockett's blog here: Yarnstorm
It does leave me with one question though, why doesn't my laundry look that good when hanging out to dry?

Excuse I feel the need to go art up something around here and take a picture of it.

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