Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Twist on an Old Favorite

Around here a big breakfast consists of potatoes, bacon, biscuits and eggs. Sometimes grits depending on who was cooking. It has been that way since childhood. As an adult I saved that sort of special feast for Sundays. Now as an adult who prefers to be a little more health conscious, I have a new twist on this meal, that is so yummy, I won't mind the substitutions at all and since it is only once a week it is even that much more healthy by adding in the moderation factor.


That is scrambled free range eggs, with fresh bell pepper, tomato, onion and smoked gouda cheese. Fried sweet potato using olive oil, smoked turkey bacon and 100% whole wheat bread lightly toasted with apple butter. I was experimented with the sweet potatoes and was surprised at how much I enjoyed them!

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