Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Good Day for.....

Today is such a stark contrast from yesterday. Saturday started with light rain, but soon turned sunny and warm, dare I say hot. Skies were blue and bright, birds were chirping.
And today we have this:


And it has been like this since about 9 o'clock this morning, nonstop. My veggies are all on the ground, the patio is flooded, and it is only 59F. It is a good day for this:

nap time

Or even some knitting, spinning, painting, laundry. Well lets not get carried away. I mean who could work on a day like this, these days are meant for:

I'm trying to sleep

Clearly Miss Tiger Rose has the right idea, relax. But maybe I'll do some knitting or spinning.

Make the most of your day, whatever kind of weather your having!


Bea said...

I love those bulldog smiles. Abby and Gussy say hi!

Sorry about the crap weather!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Definitely a day to relax!