Saturday, May 2, 2009

Croc Puppies

I found a real bargain today, while out on a yarn/craft crawl.


Only $10! I think Lily makes a wonderful shoe model don't you?

We had lots of fun today, bought sock yarn, cotton yarn, yarn for shawls and lap blankets. Books for knitting sweaters and more.

I'll post pictures of all the other fun stuff a little later.

Earlier today we planted some flowers in the front yard and I noticed our Mr. & Mrs. Hawk are back this year, and they have a young one. He was trying out his new wings today. I didn't have my camera handy but it was fascinating to watch him flap around a bit and then glide, squawking the whole time.

Now we are having a thunderstorm, the sky is so dark and it makes the trees look that much greener, I love it when it is like this. We were coming back across the water today and could see the storm coming down the bay, it wasn't close enough to rain yet and I love to watch the storms roll in. It sounds like cannon fire out there.

I have to go comfort Molly she hates thunder.

Happy Knitting.

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Nichole said...

Cute Lily shot!