Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Okay, so I'm pretty lucky I think. My hubby is quite handy, he can fix most things around here, install new things, paint things. But a recent leaky faucet seemed to be a bit more than we had the tools for. So.... in comes the professionals. Lets all hold our collective breaths while he tells me how much it will be to fix the leaky faucet that is about 30 years old....
Yep that is all, one hours worth of labor. Whew! I was seeing major dollar signs there for a minute. He was so nice, and courtious. His work is very neat and clean not even a footprint in the tub (where the leak was). I have found a good plumber, actually he does everything from hanging your christmas lights to room additions! I think my hubby is in love all over again and it is not with me! Just kidding.
He is a handy guy to know, we are working on a to do list for our new "friend" for this summer!

Knitting updates coming soon....

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