Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two of a Kind

We all have hobbies and careers of one kind or another. I have alwasy enjoyed that mine are varied, but I rarely do them all in the same weekend. I usually have weekend devoted to one thing and then the next weekend devoted to something else. A lot as to do with the time of year and weather as I am sure it is for everyone. But this weekend I got to enjoy a little of everything and I started thinking about how it was such a wonderful reflection on life, past, present and hopefully future.

Saturday, I spent the afternoon, draining the gasoline out of hubbies motorcycle, while he cut the grass (I enjoy cutting grass about as much as needles in a doctors office). Some of you may ask, why drain the gasoline? Well he has a carborator clogged and we need to get that sucker cleaned out so that he can go riding with me. His bike is an antique so we have to keep it running. So after it was drained we put some clean new gas in it and it is starting up better and running on it's own much better.

I took my bike out for a spin, it has been a while since the Black Purl and I have had any quality time together and I was so excited to be able to get out there that I may have been too hasty. I made sure I had on high visibility clothing, something to protect my limbs, head, hands and ankles. But still as I got down the street I felt like I was forgetting something and something just didn't seem right. Then by the time I got to the first stop sign I realized what I was missing. My glasses. Well, I am very fortunate that I can see without them. I have an astigmatism. So I went ahead and completed my ride, but didn't venture as far from home as I would have if I had had my glasses on. But it was still fun.

Then today it was to more domestic activities. I baked three loaves of bread using a new recipe and I am very happy with the way they turned out. And then I have been knitting the rest of the evening in between loads of laundry.

I also helped a friend new to sheep learn about some different types and the process for cleaning the wool herself, but did refer her to some good processing companies. Because, hand processing wool can be initimidating for the first time, with no previous frame of reference or experience. I know that was me last summer. She has recently come to have two lambs come to live with her. She is keeping them for a friend, but she has been drawn in, so I think she may be looking for some of her own soon. I hope so. Everyone should have a sheep, if they have the space of course, don't really want one in a 24th floor condo, I can't imagine they'd be too keen on the elevators. And getting a bail of hay past the doorman might be a trick too.
Good thing she lives out in the country with lots of room.

Well for those of you enjoying spring break next week, enjoy! For the rest of us, only 5 more days until the next weekend!

Happy Knitting.

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