Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am pretty much a purest, there are exceptions of course, but overall I consider myself a purest. I like things to be what they are and not to masquerade as something else. I contribute this attitude to my new found contempt for McDonalds. I am not a big fast food fan. I can count on one hand the number of times I've purchased anything from a fast food establishment in the past year maybe even two years. I don't knock them totally, I mean they are making a living, providing a service and there are many many people who like the various fast food restaurants that are out there. But, they are what they are, they serve food prepared quickly and packaged for convenience. But now, now McDonalds has introduced the McCafe? Seriously? So we are going to go into a place with plastic furniture, a clown and kids running around screaming wildly for their fried, battered, and preservative laden lunch to enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee or a frappe? It is the end of civilization as we know it!
Now, I do love Starbucks, but not for Starbucks sake, what I love about Starbucks is that the furniture is not plastic, the light is not fluorescent, there are rarely kids running around screaming for a biscotti to go with their frappe, at least at my local franchise. But I would feel the same about any such establishment that offered the same atmosphere. I have gone to my local Starbucks and knitting quietly undisturbed while enjoying my favorite coffee based beverage. I have seen other people there knitting or crocheting. People reading, or having conversations in a normal tone using their inside voices. But now, now the atmosphere as been disturbed, the calm has been broken. Wooden stir sticks and creamer pitchers will have to compete for counter space with ketchup packets and plastic spoons, oh the insanity of it all.

Now at this point some of you may be saying to herself, well you do not have to go into the fast food coffee shop, Starbucks and similar coffee shops have not closed completely they can still be found, and why pay $4 for a cup of coffee when you can get it for $2.

And you could be right. It is a choice, I don't have to go into these new plastic, sticky, screaming child filled spaces to have a cup of coffee, which by the way, in my area a coffee of the day at my favorite coffee shop is less than $2. But it is the principle of the thing I tell you. Fast food places should be just that, they have always sold coffee, if you wanted a biscuit and coffee you weren't forced to get the biscuit one place and the coffee in my fav. Coffee shop, it was still one stop shopping, if you didn't mind the neon bright colors, the screaming kids, the sticky seats, or if you were going to dash back to your car and try to eat and drink on your morning commute. Which is another discussion for another day, But, to now try to be “the coffee shop” a place to relax, and do your thing quietly, alone or with friends. Can you even imagine trying to knit in a fast food restaurant? Think about it now, you yarn gets ketchup or syrup on it because the slack in the working yarn hit the table? Or if you dropped a DPN on the floor and had to pick it up and try to use it because you now have empty stitches? The horror! You'd have to run to the nearest medical office or even the veterinarian and ask to please autoclave your DPN before allowing it to touch your hand spun, hand painted alpaca or bamboo yarn.

Our whole society is being prepackaged for convenience and served to us on a plastic tray! To me this is everything knitters stand up against. We do not want pre-packaged mass produced sweaters, we want them lovely hand knit. We do not want mass produced socks that the color fades after the first wash and only last a month before the first hole appears. We want hand knit socks that wear like iron and should a hole appear it can be fixed!

I ask you, have you ever seen anyone knitting in a fast food restaurant? If so, here is your missions should you choose to accept it. The next time you see a person in such a place who has not been overcome by the bright lights, the endless parade of primary colors and has managed to grip tightly to her needles, ask if you can take a picture or even Kinear them and let me know. This is something I would have to see to believe.

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wow....this post should be published in a magazine....very nice!