Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finishing One Thing and Starting Something New

I finished up the side seams and got the buttons on the Barn Jacket, hooray! I started this project in January. I set it aside for a few weeks to do a couple of quick things and when I came back to it, it sought it's revenge for being neglected, once we came to the understanding that I was touch it, hold it and talk to it everyday, it went along nicely.


Now to wrap it gently and save it. It is a Christmas gift for someone special.

Next new thing, well I may regret this, but I have bought myself a scrapbooking starter kit. I have seen how friends and family members have been sucked into the black hole of scrapbooking only to be seen running madly about family functions with a camera. And stalking scrapbook supply aisle in the craft stores, dressed in black as if they are about to commence a commando raid on the latest felted frames and pebble alphabet stickers. But I vow to control myself to start small, to not get consumed by the scrapbook vortex.


I have to go now, I have family photos to sort throw in search of every Thanksgiving dinner we have ever had......

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