Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cel.a.brate Good Times Come on!

We had the first thunderstorms of the season today. We’ve already had plenty of rain but it hasn’t been warmer enough for thunderstorms until now. After it stopped raining and it started to clear a little, I happened to look out the window and saw this little guy cruising in high speed in the field outside our office building.


I tried to think what a slider might be doing in a field but it was rainy and there is a lot of standing water about today and there are small bodies of water around. And so I thought perhaps he is an Easter turtle, but after much discussion with my co-worker and considering the speed and determination in which he was traveling we have decided that he was definitely on his way to a birthday party. And since he appeared to be a turtle with a purpose we are pretty sure that the party is in his honor.

His brother, no doubt, is hosting the party for him next door at the lake over in the solid waste management compound. There will be a worm cake of course, something he probably hasn't had since he was a pup. With all the rain the greens will most certainly be moist and juicy. There will be spirits of saw grass juice. Party favors, pin the tail on the fish and music. Mer-music perhaps, if the rumors are true his brother was very fortunate to be able to book the Back Bay Salties home from their recent world tour.

I know they will be partying into the wee hours and it will take our little friend a day to get home again, so tomorrow I will be on the look out to see him making zig zag tracks back to his pond with a bow on his shell and a lampshade on his head.


Happy Birthday, Speedy, Let your inner turtle rock it out tonight!

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