Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Happy Spring! We have had rain here every day since last Friday, it has been cold and depressing and I think it was old man winter trying to hang on until the very end. That is not to say it was suddenly warm and sunny with bunny hopping in the fields here, but it is sunnier than it has been and it did not rain today. It is going to be consisently in the 50s and 60s for the next 10 days if the meterologist can be believed. Frankly, I am going to take their insights with a grain of sald and watch for mares tails in the sky and for a ring around the moon before I believe we will not be getting any more rain. We do need it. And spring will be so much greener and lush with it all the rain. It is certainly feeling like spring with the time change coming earlier this year.
I'm stalled in the knitting processes this week and I am hoping spring will give me the inspiration to pick up the pace and get some stuff done. Problem is I also have painting projects around the house that need doing and so far I haven't figured out a safe way to paint and knit at the same time. If anyone has any thoughts in that area please let me know. I hear my WIPs taunting me nightly as I steal longing glances at the project baskets as I run past with my laundry or pick them up and move them as I vaccum. I dream about them when I fall asleep without having spent any time with them at all.

Please friends don't let friends neglect their knitting.

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