Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another Weekend Update

Really, where does the time go. Another week gone by already? Well I do have a little something to show for it, thankfully.

In my efforts to begin on Christmas 2009, I have knit a jacket. Pattern found in Summer 2006 issue of Creative Knitting. This issue is replete with several useful sweater and jacket patterns. I chose the Rosy Barn jacket project designed by Katharine Hunt. So far it has been a quick knit. Only took me a week to knit the two front panels, the back and the sleeves. After these pieces are blocked they will have to be assembled. I am challenged in this area. So we shall see how this part goes, then the collar and button band will be knitted on in a contrasting color. If I can get the seaming right, this will have been one of the easiest projects I have done in a while.

Here it is in waiting to be blocked.

back and left front panel

This was the only way I could get all three pieces on the table and I will have to block the sleeves separately.

Even though this was knitted in sections, I still consider it a "large" project and typically leave those at home to be worked on at night. During the day I carry smaller projects with me, such as...socks! Love socks.
I work on those while carpooling to work, before the work day starts and on my lunch break. Also, again in the evening while waiting for my carpool ride home.

This is being knitted in a superwash magic stripes from Lion Brand. The color way is blue and brown stripes. It reminds me of well worn denim for some reason. I love Lion Brands superwash, it is very durable I have used it on two other pairs of socks and it wears like iron and goes in the washer and dryer very nicely.

The pattern is a 1x1 ribbing with a basketweave on the leg. I am trying to decide if I want to use the eye of partridge heel or try a short row heel. The finished short row heel is always impressive.

Either will work with this stitch count.

Other adventures this weekend have included, finally getting the boxes of Christmas decorations out of the corner of the garage and into the attic. It doesn't do any good to organize all the decorations into red tubs if they are just going to junk up a corner of the garage. That led to purging of some items out of the attic for good will collection. Always a good thing.

Making a pot of potato and corn chowder, seasoned with a little bacon and some smoked sausage. That should be ready in time for dinner. I plan to enjoy this week for lunch, as it should be cold again. Today it was 58F! Go figure. Possible winter weather again this week. It has been a disappointing winter, all this talk of snow and wintry mix and the only thing we have gotten is cold. My philosophy in cold weather is, I don't mind as long as I have something to enjoy it with, like say a little snow. But, if I am not going to be granted anything fun to accompany the cold temps then I'd just as soon have some warmer weather. I know I am not asking for a lot am I? Of course, the cold temperatures do give me an excuse to stay indoors and knit, so I suppose one should not look a gift horse in the mouth.

The cold weather does not affect the antics of the animals, but I suppose if I had their winter coats I'd feel differently. My office looks out over a very large field and twice this week, I have been fortunate enough to be able to watch some does come into the field from the woods to graze. My hubby saw a huge read fox on the parkway last week. It was the first time he had ever seen one. Oh I wish I had been there or that he had had a camera. Said it was sitting right in the middle of the road. That area is heavily populated with deer so he is always careful driving through there, so he slowed down for the fox, which he said got up slowly and sauntered off to the woods along the road. Boy I wish I could have seen that. We are too populated where we live to see them. I used to volunteer at a living museum that has a couple in residence and even a gray fox. They are something to behold, but not something to you want to tangle with. Even the one we had for educational purposes could only be handled by one person. I must confess my favorite residents there were the opossums and the barn owl. Opossums are very misunderstood creatures. They are quite sweet really. The problem is they have very poor eyesight and can barely see the ends of their noses, so they are very wary if anything coming near them. And if your hands smell like something they might like to eat, well, lets just say, I hope you have very fast reflexes. We had one that lived outside on the educational trail that had to have cream applied to his tail so it wouldn't crack. The skin on their tails is just like the skin on our hands. I used to go out with some Udder Cream and if you pick them up from the back they aren't so frightened. I would scoop him up and apply the cream. He loved it. he would rest on my fore arm just enjoying the massage, I suspect.
Virginia Opossum

Seriously, look at that face! How sweet is that? You can almost tell he is straining to see. Their vision gets worse as they get older and by age three or four their eye muscles are so weak that they are often cross eyed. They also don't live much longer than four years normally either. Poor things.

Well I seem to have gotten a bit off track here.

So to recap, wonder knitted jacket project, working steadily on a lovely pair of socks, and have a misunderstood affection for opossums.

I hope no one was expect a Super Bowl related post. I'm more of a baseball fan, not so much into football. But if you are a foot ball, then I hope you are enjoying your celebrations and I with your team luck today!

The Super Bowl to me is just a reason to knit and well, see if Etrade has a new commercial with that adorable baby.

Happy knitting to all!

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