Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I never really put much stock in new year's resolutions, probably because the few I made I usually didn't stick to for the whole 12 months. But this year I have a new idea about resolutions.
I have spent the past year I have enjoyed reading many of your blogs and being inspired by your entries, regardless if you have a knitting blog, crochet, or just a personal blog, all I find inspiring.

I have been thinking lately about my new hobbies, old hobbies and hobbies I have picked up again after being away from them for a while. All of them bring me joy, but what brings me the most joy is finishing them, bringing them to completion.

So this year I have set some goals for myself (being somewhat competitive, even with myself) and I resolve to be more productive.

I resolve to read/listen and/or 26 books this year, and complete 52 fiber related projects. A fiber related project will include spinning, weaving, knitting and cross stitch.

If you are setting some goals or resolutions for yourself this year, I wish you luck and I hope you reach your goals!

If you are not one who believes in resolutions, I wish you a Happy New Year!


Bea said...

Happy New Year!!

Knatly said...

Well, you are certainly more ambitious than I.
Wishing you the best of luck --
Happy New Year!