Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cherry Cordial Shawl


The picture makes it look more red that it is, but it as eiter too light or too dark, so I went with light.

The details are:

Yarn: Red Heart Light and Lofty Colorway: 9376 Wine 4 balls at 140 yards each.

Needles: 15 on 54" circulars. I have plenty of left over so you could use a shorter circular cord.

Also used a yarn needle and crochet hook for weaving in loose ends.

CO 60 and knit in garter stitch until you reach your desired length.


I had not used this yarn before, it is 100% acrylic. But it is super soft. It was a little difficult the first couple of rows, because it is very easy to split the yarn, so you have to be careful until you get used to how it acts. Also, a word of caution the slubby nature of the yarn makes it very hard to tell if you have dropped a stitch so be very careful.

Overall, I'd probably use this yarn again, making for some matching mittens or a hat.

Friday, November 28, 2008

So Much More to be Thankful for...

Dear Friend and Reader,
I hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving. Our family is small but we have a lot of fun. It is however, growing every year. This year we welcomed baby Morgan to her first Thanksgiving. She is the second daughter of my cousin. She is one of the happiest babies i have ever seen. She smiled and laughed at everything and everyone. She almost went to sleep in my lap once but decided there was too much going on and she wanted in on the action. She is only 7 months old and never blinked. I bet she slept well last night I'm sure much to her mothers relief.
Baby Morgan 3

My great aunt was able to join us again this year which was a special treat to see her twice in one year!

She and my aunt were surrounded by the children...



The kids also enjoyed a holiday treat...


Today was a day to relax and enjoy not shopping.

We raked leaves in the yard and afterwards we built a nice fire in the fireplace and I enjoyed some movies.

Mom Im tired can we nap in front of the fire?

I'm Sleepy

Raking Leaves is Hard Work
Raking leaves is hard work.

I finished the shawl I am going to call it Cherry Cordial Shawl I will have pictures and pattern details tomorrow.

Stay Tuned...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Getting in the Spirit

Well, I know we are just a little under a week until Thanksgiving, but I can hardly wait!
Friday morning here at Stitches and Stories were greeted with the first snow flurries of the year. This is a momentous occasion for us, it is not very often we get flurries or snow. It has been a few years since we had enough to close schools and business. So when I opened the door in the morning and saw flurries coming down fast and furious I was too excited. I knew it wouldn't last but it set a festive mood for the day.
I was getting off work at noon to finish the Christmas shopping and the snow flurries just made it all the more festive.

It is hard to see in this picture but there are flurries out there, trust me.

I love snow, probably because it is such a treat here when we get it. But I think of people who move to warmer climates when they retire I think I would like to move somewhere, with more snow!

I have finished the Christmas shopping and today I addressed all the Christmas cards; they won't go out until after Thanksgiving. While I love Christmas, it does follow Thanksgiving, no matter how hard the retailer try to move it up to after Halloween.

I hope everyone is getting in the festive mood!

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fall FO's!

I finally have some pictures to share with you. Having put the troublesome socks aside for the time being. I made a winter set, hat, scarf, and wrist warmers. And started on a shawl.


The yarn for the winter set, was from a long ago frogged project and I know it is Carron, but I have lost the tag for it so I don't have any other information about the yarn to share with you.

The hat is just your basic hat design, 1x1 ribbing and then stockinette stitch. The wrist warmers are from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick, as well as the scarf, which is the lopi lace pattern. The scarf was shameless in that it wanted to be included in the picture in it's unblocked state. I apologize on behalf of the scarf.


The shawl is a simple pattern I've seen it repeated in many places, or something similar so I just decided to cast on 60 stitches, knit in garter stitch and see how it goes. So far I am happy with the way it is going.


I have not used this yarn before and it is interesting to work with, a little difficult at first but once you get going it is easy enough, just have to remember to knit loosely or you will be fighting the thing the whole time. Because I have a tendency to knit tight, this is a conscious effort for me.

The yarn is Red Heart Light and Lofty, color 9376 wine. It is a super bulky yarn so I am using size 15 needles. I plan to have it done by the end of the week.

I have plans to start some wintery slipper socks as well.

Also, this weekend I have started and completed half of my Christmas shopping. I have several that need to be mailed so I made and effort to get those done so that they may be sent on their way the first week in December. I also, always buy my Aunt's gifts early so that I can give them to her at Thanksgiving when I see her. And this year my great aunt will be joining us so I have hers ready as well and will not have to ship it, which is good.

It is feeling more like fall today, yesterday it was 70! Yuk! Today it is 50F with the wind from the north so a little brisk. I love it. My yard is a blanket of orange and red after the rain this week knocked all the poor leaves right out of the trees!



I have to tell you this is Molly's favorite time of the year, she likes to stay outside in the leaves with her tail over her nose and watch people walk past our yard. I let her enjoy it now because despite her desire to do this when it is even colder her I can't let her stay outside that long.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and is getting in the holiday day spirit!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stash Enhancement eXercise

So today was a wonderful day to go in search of some stash enhancement. I had to go to the market anyway and wouldn't you know there is a craft store right there!
It was one of those large strip malls, with acres of parking and everything from resteraunts to the dollar store there.
So armed with my reuseable canvas shopping bags and a check book, I found a central parking place. As soon as I got out of the car I could smell it. It was in the air so thick like someone burning leaves, yes it was the smell of yarn on sale!
I dashed through the parking lot, dodging little old ladies, men in walkers, soccer moms out shopping before school let out, and ran into the craft store. And yes, all yarn 20% off! Well it just so happens that I need to knit up some slippers and hunting socks, so this was a very happy event.
They also had these cute little ceramic loaf pans painted for the season and I thought wouldn't they make cute candy dishes at work? And on sale for only $1?! Must have one or two.

So on my way back to the car to deposit my new stash enhancement, I passed the dollar store, with their Christmas goodies out, well who can resist Christmas even if we haven't gotten to Thanksgiving yet? I mean even one of the local radio stations is already playing Christmas music 24/7, so I pop and find adorable wine bottle socks, which I am going to need as I have some wine to give as gifts this year.


What a perfect afternoon!

Now time to warm up with some chili and watch a movie. Oh and perhaps a little knitting too!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rainy Week

Well, dear reader I thought I would have wonderful pictures of the leaf peeping here. But it has rained four of the last five days including yesterday which made it very hard to get good pictures. It is good weather for re=knitting the legs of the pair of socks I just finished and decided the legs weren't quite right. But I am replacing the leg patter wit 2x2 ribbing so it is a quick knit. I will still have them done in time to include in a christmas package.

The house/buying and selling is not progressing at the rate I would like and frankly at the moment it is not progressing at all.

So I try to distract myself with happier thoughts like the holidays! Yes, only 18 more days til Thanksgiving. Hooray! My great aunt, who came to visit this summer will come back for thanksgiving, so that will be fun and i will get to see my cousins new baby girl, Morgan.

I am pouring over recipes and ideas as to take with me has our contribution to the dinner. Last year it was the greenbean casserole, which was popular. But I would like to take something different this year. I love the holidays, don't you?

Do you have any special foods on your table, maybe something that would brought to this country by your great, or great great grandmother?

One of the best thanksgiving meals i've ever had was one with the traditional American turkety and everything else was German food. And so much wine! it was a lovely meal.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Update to Saturday

The meeting with the realtor went better than I would have expected and we are going to use this lady to sell our house. she was awsome and even had a little power point show on her laptop. That isn't what sold us on her but it was a nice touch.
So another step forward in the process and we are getting closer and closer.

Also this weekend I spoke with my aunt and we had our plans for Thanksgiving! Can you believe it is Novemeber already, Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye. but, exciting news my great aunt will be joining us again this year, she is 83 and doesn't sit still for a minute. And one of my cousins has a new baby so it will be a nice big family dinner.

In knitting news,
I turned the heel last night on my sock so we are half way there!

Happy knitting

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Busy Saturday

Well the second realtor is coming today to look at the house. Hopefully, we will get a more favorable contract and can put our house on the market. It is exciting and scary all at same time.
It is awkward having someone come in your home to examine it, it feels if they are judging your ability to live in a house or something. You almost except them to shout, you've missed a spot on the floor! And banish you to some less favorable existance.
But, I just tell myself this is a necessary evil on the way to our dream so it must be done.
Wish me luck today.
I'll update you on the results. But, I feel the urge to get the process moving more quickly.
I have half a mind to forget the realtors and sell it myself!