Tuesday, April 29, 2008


We actually had a super cell storm here yesterday. It was really wild and strange all at the same time. We don’t normally get those types of storms here. Major storms are usually confirmed to Nor’Easters and tropical storms, if not hurricanes.

The tornados touched down in places all around us but we were not affected, thank goodness! Because DH was up at work and I was at my job and we were about 25 miles from home and were so worried the whole way driving home about what we would find when we got there, mostly we were worried about the dogs.

There were others that were not so lucky. Some people lost nearly everything, houses were severely damaged, some business just not even there anymore. They think the biggest tornado to touch down was an F4, we just don’t get those here, it is amazing in a totally scary way. At least one funnel cloud made land fall off the water and damaged some cars. We do get those from time to time.

My heart goes out to all the people who lost so much yesterday, especially in Suffolk.

Today is a day for counting our blessings.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Weekend Round up

Well, I have logged on with the intention of getting a post up about four times this week and for one reason or another couldn't manage it.
So here goes, a week long collection of thoughts and pictures.

Since this week is getting completely out of control and I haven’t been able to post all the entries I have started I thought I’d give you a quick week in review as it stands so far.

First, I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and we are on the countdown to MSW . The weekends seem to be getting shorter and shorter for some reason. They should be longer because we have more light the evenings are longer I should have more time to do stuff right?
It has been raining pretty much constantly since Sunday. The patio is completely flooded and because things have been so dry I thought for sure it was drain off right away but it didn’t so now I have standing water outside the backdoor I am going to have to pump off of there if the sun doesn’t come out soon.

I am just about finished with the Big Easy Vest, here it is so far:


These are pictures from a couple of days ago when I had the front and back seamed and frankly I am quite proud of my seaming this time. Normally, it leaves a bit to be desired, due to my lack of sewing skills I think. But this time using the three needle bind off it looks really good.

I still need to get some buttons for it. But, I will do that this coming weekend most likely I don’t think I am going to have time this week to stop after work but you never know.

I got some good news this week. I have a new little cousin. My cousin and his wife had their second daughter, Morgan Haley. I can’t wait to meet her. Her older sister all of two years of age Reese Caroline is excited about having a baby sister too. I need to knit up a little something for her and I was thinking perhaps Reese might like a sock monkey or a bunny or something like that. I need to find a pattern and get rolling. Not that I haven’t known this little baby was coming, but some of us just work better under pressure. LOL.

I can’t believe April is almost over and May is almost here. May is booked too.

May 3rd – Maryland Sheep and Wool. A four hour drive from here. But hopefully some good knitting time if I can talk the hubby into driving.

May 23rd – 26th having wisdom teeth removed and recovery. Hopefully, some knitting time can be had during the recovery.

May 29th – June 1st Great Aunt and friends visiting from NC and will need entertaining and feeding. Probably not a lot of knitting time that weekend, but that is okay.
The garden tours will make up for it. There was talk of a trip to Busch Gardens but I think those plans have been changed so have to find something fun to do that day instead. Somehow I didn’t think my great aunt was the roller coaster type. And I’m sure they have many more things to do there than just the coasters, but not having been there myself in about 15 years I am not a good tour guide for that particular attraction. We do have President’s head park, which some friends and I thought would make a great paint ball course, but I don’t think anyone else thought it was a great idea.

But, I’m sure there will be great fun had by all by the time the weekend it over. I am going to need June just to recuperate from May. LOL.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and I didn’t think I would have time to take the Vest with me and pick up stitches at the doctors office, so luckily I had the bright idea of grabbing some sock yarn and needles and taking that along instead, much more portable at this point. Sorry Vest. But as it turned out this was a fabulous idea, because I arrived 30 minutes early for my appointment (I had left in plenty of time because of all the crazies water on the road I thought it might take a little longer than usual. It didn’t. Then I cast on my socks and started knitting. I thought I was making pretty good progress when I measured an inch of K1P1 ribbing and decided to check the time, it was now noon! They were half an hour late on calling me back. As it turns out there had been some sort of emergency and the doctor was running behind. I waited a total of an hour and a half. Which is good for knitting time, not good when you really need to get back to work. I got in to see the doctor and was a little frustrated because it took her all of five minutes to look at the problem I was having and tell me she had no idea what it was and I needed to go to Dr. So N So and have him check it out. So I wasted 2 hours for this? She was admiring my sock and I was so frustrated I didn’t think to snap a picture of her holding it. Maybe the specialist she referred me to will be a good sport.

And aren't these lovely?


My dear blogless friend Anna brought these to me. She doesn't have a blog because she is too busy raising the producers of these, plus her own Romeny sheep, Alpaca and Angora goats. She had mad skills when it comes to spinning and knitting too!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Rainy Sunday

I'm sorry for the lack of content lately, it isn't for a lack of things going on but rather because so many things are going on right now. I have started so many blog entries only to be interrupted and then the not get back to it in a timely manner, not to mention actually getting something posted.
I'm just about finished with the Big Easy Sweater, a couple more inches on the back and then i am going to check the sizing make sure I don't need to make any adjustments and then I'll sew the back to the front. Only thing left after that is the ribbing edges.
It has been so much fun to make this, if it fits well and the hubster likes it I am going to make him one in every color! (that he'll wear) Of course he is computing costs the whole time wanting to know how many balls of yarn I have used so he knows how much the sweater costs. This is a skill that comes in handy sometimes, but frankly not over my knitting.
The girls are all healthy this week. We have found the source of Rosie's itchies and she now has new medicines to make her a brand new dog. I'm looking forward to that.

It is cloudy and raining here today. A good day for knitting!

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Time/Space Continuum

Okay, I have no idea what happen to last week. I mean it completely got away from me. I usually at the least have a post typed up and ready to publish when I get one at least one day a week and usually my DOT in advance, but not this week.
And it was spring break and some folks at work were off which should have meant is was going to be quiet, but it gave me time to get a lot of others things done so I guess no so quiet.

I got book tagged and have been meaning to post that, which I will now, but I must forewarn you I do not read a lot of fiction and so my book choice may not be exciting to some.

Right now I am reading Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep, Breeding, Care and Facilities by Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius.

Page 123 is the terminology page so this is going to be fun. The rules are to turn to page 123 find the 5th sentence and post the next three. So here goes,

Fetch: Bringing something to the handler.
Gather: Going out and finding the sheep, gathering them into a flock, and fetching them to the handler; three related terms are outrun, lift and fetch.
Lift: The dog's first contact with the sheep on a gather, when the sheep determine how they will react to the dog.

How exciting was that! Sorry folks, I tried to go out and buy a fiction book that I have been anticipating and was going to use that but the store was sold out, so I had to come home and use my current reading.

With my shawl frogged completely, the socks and dog sleeper finished. It was time for a new project. So I started the button up sweater vest the hubby wanted.
I have the right front completed beyond the body and starting the left front. In the picture it is reversed just because I was working the wrong side when I took the photo. It is from Maggie's Rags pattern Big Easy Vest.
I love it, it is very easy to knit. Should have it done by next weekend.


Happy Knitting

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Swap

It was a cold rainy Monday here, not a day you really feel like going back to work, but would rather stay home and knit. But, when I got home there was a wonderful surprise, my package from Cindy my Spring Swap Pal!

There are filled chew hooves for the girls, some peanut butter biscuit (they love peanut butter) some pig ear chew alternatives! For me, there is a manicure set, an organic milk chocolate bar, YUM! Lavendar hand lotion, a brush and pumice stone, and yarn! One hank of creamy merino! And two balls of Cascade cotton yarn!

Thanks Cindy, it is all so wonderful!

Over the weekend I finished the socks! I know I didn't think it was going to ever happen either. But here they are:

I am not happy with how they turned out but, they will be warm and comfy.

I started a sweater vest for the hubby for summertime, it gets cold in his office with the AC in the summer, but a full blown vest is a little much so I am making the "Big Easy Vest" from Maggies Rags. He picked out the pattern and yarn, it is a very soft peruvian wool. And so far it is quite an easy knit.
I'm think this won't take as long as the socks. LOL.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and planning a great week!

For Megan

I heard from Amanda that Megan loved her hats and other surprises.

Rosie wanted to send her a big kiss too!

Kisses Megan!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Coming to You Live

I am in beautiful downtown Norfolk,more than 12 stories above the traffic, it is such an awesome view at night. I love the way a city looks at night with the lights along the skyline. I've seen this once from the air around Christmas time, when all the buildings were lit with Christmas lights,it was impressive.
But, cities are so much prettier at night. I felt the same way the first time I saw DC at night at it was so much prettier at night than in the daytime. I was fortunante enough to live in a place where I could see the DC skyline at night every night from my balcony for a few years.

Tonight reminds me of that, this is about the same height as my old apartment too, probably why it feels so familiar.

I am helping with a little project here tonight but wanted to check and see how the wireless works on the laptop, I hadn't had a chance to try it out before now. It is quite handy. My laptop is really a sub-laptop with a seven inch screen, it fits in a book cover, you know the zippy kind to protect your hardback books. So it is quite easy to carry about and now that I know the wireless works really well, I will be encouraged to use it more places, maybe i should start posting one blog post a month from a different location, yeah that might be fun! I wish I had my camera with me to add a picture to this post.
I will post more later, but for now, Happy Friday from the skyline of downtown Norfolk, VA!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Okay for starters I had this nice long DOT typed out so that when I got home all I had to do was cut and paste it here and add the pictures, but my laptop has a new word software program on it that I thought was compatible apparently not. So it is a bunch of garbly goop. So I will try to re-create my DOT thoughts as best I can.

The girls are enjoying Spring so far, they are sniffing everything that blooms. Two rabbits enjoying the spring weather were teasing Molly this morning by enjoying a game of rabbit chase in the neighbors yard. Just out of reach.

I finsished the Stitches and Stories Dog Sleeper, it is Basset tested and approved.


Molly says it is nice and soft! Just what an older dog needs!

This one was sort of my "test" sleeper and it did not turn out as well as I would like, so I will let the girls have this one now that I have the kinks worked out and set to making a bunch more suitable for others. I have all sorts of colors, although I still want to find some orange so I can make an Orioles sleeper.

I will sell them and donate the money to House of Puddles.

The next ones shouldn't take as long as this one (I hope!)

Happy DOT!