Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeling Saucey

Soup is just what a person needs when they do not feel well.


Then I started noticing I have a lot of tomato products in the cabinets, I realized this when I was rearranging the cabinets today.


You know what else makes a person feel better when they are sick? Playing with wool.

I had some roving that I had hand carded and not happy with. . .

So I took it and put it on my friends drum carder:


and TADA, real roving!


I will spin it up later this evening. I had to put a roast in the slow cooker for dinner tonight and get some rest.

You know who else needs some rest?


she is grumpy today because her paw hurts. She jumped off the coach too hard on an already sore paw and made it worse. She does this once in a while. She is grumpy now. So I am trying to keep her from playing, which she still tries to do every time molly comes in from outside.

Lets Start the Weekend a Little Early

Well,everyone at work as been sick with something flu, cold or crude. I have been trying to keep my door to the office mostly closed to keep out the sick people, but guess what it didn't work. My boss laughed when I told him yesterday afternoon I was feeling so bad I wanted to curl up underneath my desk. So I am home today, with a cold and a sore throat, can you believe it!?

My dear friend at work, loaned me her drum carder, so I have big plans for this weekend for carding, spinning and the cleaning of more fleece.

I did not meet my February goals for knitting and I have no idea how that could have possibly happened I mean. It was only two shawls and 1 1/2 pairs of socks. I don't understand where the time went. I think it is some sort of trick and it really isn't the end of February at all, but maybe the 15th or something.

But, I know it is the end, because this weekend is DH's birthday and he is trying to decide what he wants to do. I think a winery tour would be fun and he is really into wine, but the question is do we want to do the one locally or head out of town for a day trip to do it. A lot depends on the weather too.

Well I'm off to make a breakfast of scrambled eggs with ginger to warm me up and work on some soup for later today.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dogs on Thursday with Lost

Well, I have the crude, you know the flu/or sinus thing that is infecting everyone in my office because we have days in the 60s and snowing (like yesterday) none of it stuck though. I have read several blogs in the recent days talking about all the snow they have gotten this year and we haven't gotten anything stuck or accumulated at all. I wish we would get some, but one more day and March will be here so I think my chance for snow this year is over.

The dogs I think are feeling the same way and this is what we plan to do tomorrow.


Lily tripped on the steps tonight coming in from the backyard and now is limping a little.

Rosie's skin is clearing up I started giving her childrens benadryl. for her skin.

Tonight is Lost, Rosie is in my the same pose as the picture above, but the difference is my legs are under her. Molly is patrolling the backyard and Lily is keeping watch from the door.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Air & Space

The Board of Supervisors for the county where I work, sponsors an employee appreciation day each year. It is for current employees and their immediate family members as well as retirees and their families. It is an all inclusive event.
This year it was held at the Virginia Air and Space Center.

They have IMAX there, a flight simulator and a variety of really cool displays and interactive things. Lunch was even provided, and you could also use the ice skating rink. I don't know how to ice skate, so we didn't do that, we did go to the IMAX and watched a movie about helicopters, the hubby really had a great time!
I took a bunch of pics and thought I'd share a couple with you. It was a great day and we had a blast!

The capsule from the Apollo 12 mission that brought the astronauts back is there, it is amazing how small those things are! I guess after being in space some someone a little close quarters is no big deal.

This is a birds eye view of the capsule:
Apollo 12 Space Capsule

Here is a close up and you can see where it burned during re-entry. Can you imagine being inside when it was on fire outside!?

Apollo 12 Space Capsule II

And here is a Huey helicopter, they are the ones you see in a lot of the war movies, I really thought it would have been bigger.

Off to get some knitting done!

P.S. Wayne Newton was in town today as well, I really wanted to go see him but it was one of those things where I procrastinated on.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dogs on Thursday, Knitting and Brrrr!

We have had an interesting week. We had some warm humid days, so Rosie’s skin is breaking out. It is a battle to keep it under control, keep her from being miserable. Lily and Molly don’t mind the weather changes and Molly prefers the cold.
It has been a pretty low key week for them. Not much going on in dogland.

Rosie says it is too cold out there, I'll be here when you get back.

Lily says this patio is a little chilly.

But, please send healing drool for Abby, my co-workers lab. Who had to have a mammary gland removed soon. It isn’t cancerous but they are abnormal cells so they want to prevent it from becoming worse, because she has a history of mass cells.

In knitting news, I frogged the second sock in my Noro socks, those are my January Sock-a-Long project, by the way. As previously mentioned despite my efforts to rewind the yarn to keep the stripes the same, the yarn was plotting against me. So when I started knitting from the top down the colors were reversed. So my options were to (1), try to rewind the yarn in such a way that it would make but that might involve having to cut the yarn and I didn’t want to do that. Option (2) was to frog it and do a toe up start, so that hopefully match to the best of my ability. I haven’t ever done a provisional cast one before and so this has been a learning experience for me. I am enjoying it though.

I haven’t worked on the shawl for a couple of days nor my February Jaywalkers. Is it possible to be this far behind so early in the year. But there is good news. LOST comes on tonight and that will give me a good hour of knitting pleasure. I might just have to put down the Noro sock for a minute and work on the Jaywalker.

It has been a busy week, despite having had a three day weekend. And now begins the dry spell of no more holidays until May. Ug. Having just started this job in December I do not have any leave time so I don’t be taking any days off either. So sad.

Well I mentioned our unusually warm weather which is taking a day off the high so far today at 11:30am is 29 F. Parts of the area just north of me only by a few miles had sleet and snow last night. We only got a little drizzle and that only lasted a few minutes.

Well I’m sorry the content is light today. It has been an uneventful week for better or for worse.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 3 the Final Day

Well, the day started with a tornado watch. We didn't get one here luckily, but we did have thunderstorms. So I got up and sent the hubby off to work and then fed the girls. I settle in for contemplate how I should spend my day, the possibilities were endless. I could knit, blog, clean, run errands or sleep. hmm, it was good sleeping weather rumbles of thunder and all, but I wasn't sleepy, there were scones and fresh Va honey for tea, that sounded like a good breakfast. Then I decided to get on the new mini laptop. I read up on blogs, surfed the net and played games that came with the mini. Frozen bubble is highly addictive.
After the storms blew past I decided that we just couldn't make it another day on scones and two buck chuck and headed for the store. I told myself that no one would be there in the middle of the day, silly me, I actually believed myself. But, I was in and out in a short amount of time and back home in time to chat with my neighbor and get things put away before hubby returned home.
There may have been one or two episodes of season 3 of MASH in there but I'll deny it if anyone asks. (I love MASH).

All in all it was really quite the unadventurous weekend and I didn't do nearly the knitting I should have, but it was relaxing and now I only have a four day work week.

Happy Knitting All!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Adventure Continues Day 2

Well, having stayed up til the wee hours of the morning and then sleeping in very late, (although it was a porportional amount of time if you consider what time I went to bed) I was ready to have another adventurous day. First, there was cranberry/white chocolate scones and coffee. Then an impromptu to decision to rearrange those things in the kitchen which are movable. (which isn't much) We decided that the chest freezer really needed to be in the garage despite the convenience of having it in the kitchen, this in turn sparked rearranging in the garage, where all things are movable. Once the appropriate space was made the freezer was emptied and carried to the garage.

This allowed for the moving of the kitchen table. A table for two was placed in front of the window and more space suddenly appeared! it's magic!

The whole day had an errie palar to it. It was warm around 60F and the sky a steely sort of gray, but the added haze and smell from the fires in North Carolina gave it a strange feel.


Once complete that sparked a sudden urge to rearrange other things and the momentum was in full swing. Then, the phone started to ring, my phone rarely rings as we pretty much live on the computer. We got caught up with four people today we haven't spoken to in weeks and in some cases months. Three by phone one by email. It was great!! We got the latest news and shared stories. Everyone is doing great and in good health. So it was a fun afternoon.

However, the MO got a little side tracked and nothing else got moved. But, there is still one more day to go so it is possible that something to be moved tomorrow.

It is going to by a rainy day tomorrow, so after doing the grocery shopping it will be a good day for knitting and a movie.

The Three Day Weekend Adventure - Day 1

The three day weekend was welcomed, not that I haven't had three day weekends lately, well mostely last month, but it has been a stretch since the last one and I had gotten kind of used to them. Also, this weekend is going to include one "me" day.

Day 1

Got up and the hubby cooked breakfast, something we normally only do on Sundays. But we decided to change things up a bit this weekend. So we have a nice sit down breakfast with one another.

Then started the days chores, I did a little laundry (not too much) can't do everything in a day you know have to spread the wealth. So then I and met my quota of chores and decided to play with the new toy and it has a couple of simple yet addictive games. I had to update the contacts and calendar items that took a while, okay I'll admit hours. But hey it had to be done. :-)

What is the new toy you ask? It is a sublaptop. It is half the size of a regular laptop and the price tag is half as well. It is the size of a hardback novel.



Very portable and does everything that you can do on any laptop. Now it doesn't have cd rom drives, but who uses those anyway. It has usb ports and takes an SD memory card. It also has a linux OS rather than Windows, so it books quickly and isn't bloated. I prefer Linux especially UBUNTU over Windows. If you've check it out, you should the word processing, presentation and spreadsheet programs look and act just like MS versions but are less bloated and free you can even same them with the MS suffix if you have to use them later on a Windows computer or send them to a person only using Windows. Pretty cool, huh?

After fun and games (not sure what the hubby did after breakfast) we decided to go out for a bit, so off to the bookstores to get the latest knitting mags and to dinner. And had to make a stop at Trader Joes for a few weekend necessities, like two buck chuck and scones. The dogs also love their all natural peanut butter flavored dog biscuits and we were getting low.

What could possibily beat this excitement? Stay tuned.....two more days to go!

Can you stand it?!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dogs on Thursdays and So Much More...

What a Week, Whew!

I started the week at Knitting Sisters in search of the ever illusive gray sock yarn. Still no luck, I am beginning to think I missed something, that there is some global shortage of gray sock yarn. Just plain gray. I found black, red, blue, variegated of every sort but no gray. I looked in the wool, I looked in the cotton. It is incredible, it is like gray has been banned. I grant you it isn’t the most exciting party color, I mean it may not spark images of fireworks on the 4th or flowers in bloom in spring, but it is a comforting, snuggly kind of color.
So I decided on a soft, warm substitute. A mercerized cotton. Which has a nice soft feel and the feeling of being warm with hot coco on a cold day. My dear friend is just going to have socks in every color until I can find the gray! I plan to knit these into the Jaywalkers, this fulfills my Sock a Long requirement for February and my Gift a Long as well.

Warm socks are a requirement today 31 F. I’m not complaining it is February and I do expect it to be cold what is starting to grate on my nerves is having 80F one day and 31 the next. It wreaking havoc with everyone’s sinuses around here and my poor plants don’t know what to do. And I must be the only one praying for snow around here because the snow we got last night was less than ½ inch but it was snow. Of course, I’m at work at normal time and didn’t get to play in it with the girls. It was actually a surprise. It stopped raining around dinner time last night and at 1am there was no snow or signs of it. When the hubby came in from letting the girls out this morning to tell me there was snow on the ground I thought for sure he was just joking with me because he knows how much I have been wanting it. But there it was, in all of its grass poking through glory. Not having anticipated snow this morning that put the morning routine into over drive, so today is the second day I have run out of the house without make up only to realize in the car when it is too late to do anything about it! UG. Its’ been a week.



I did finish my sock and have cast on the mate for it. Have I ever mentioned how much I do not enjoy the cast on stage? You know those for few rows or rounds until you really get your stitches moving. It this phase that makes me question my motivation for wanting to learn to knit in the first place. Part of the problem is I am a tight knitting and I try very hard not to be and so the cast on stage is my biggest challenge, trying not to make the stitches so tight I can barely move them on to the next needle. Or too lose that it looks sloppy. I drop more stitches during these first few rows than any other time. It drives me nuts. I have started and restarted the ribbing for the second sock. First, I started a 2x2 ribbing only to realize that on the first sock I did 1x1 so I had to rip it back and restart cast-on hell again, I’m still there. I couldn’t seem to get it right yesterday so today I will tray again. I had told myself when I started my funky striped socks that I wasn’t going to work about the order of the stripes wherever I stopped for the first sock would be where I started for the next. Well I chickened out I just couldn’t do it. So I rewound the yarn to get to a point where I would be starting with the same color as I did for the first sock. The colors have been moving in a predictable sort of fashion. Blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple and so on. So I rewound it to get to the blue and you know what! The order was broken they reversed the order of the blue and the purple! So now my second sock is going to be purple, blue, green, yellow etc. And I keep telling myself it is okay, that the socks are fun socks and it doesn’t matter. But the left side of my brain is plotting a hostile take over of the right creative side.


Last weekend was productive I shampooed the carpets, did the laundry, played with the dogs and baked homemade bread, which made the house smell so good.
I didn’t work on the wallpaper project, but I have high hopes for this weekend, but hey you can’t do everything you know.

I have ordered a new toy, I will post pictures of it when it is arrives hopefully by the end of the week. Stay tuned!

I gave my first knitting lesson this morning. A co-worker has really been trying to learn to knit and having a rough start. Another co-worker who knits wanted to help but she is left handed and her style is completely different and was hard for co-worker one to follow. This morning I brought is some super chunky yarn, she had needles in size 15 and she is off and running! We got the cast done and she is going to knit some more at lunch as will I (pesky ribbing on sock #2) I love helping people with knitting. Because, I remember how I felt when I first started and so many people helped me. It gives you the warm and fuzzies to help and/or encourage someone else you know.

And lastly how cute is this little guy? I found him in a bin of several, its a dog's chew toy from Petsmart, it says Milkbones down his leg. No way the dogs are getting their paws on this one!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Smoke on the Water

Some of you may have heard about the recent brush fires down in North Carolina, right across the Virginia line, the firefighters are working really hard to control them but the winds lately are really giving them fits.
Today we are getting much needed rain that will hopefully help put out the fires, but what else does rain bring? Clouds, low ones, ones that allow the smell of smoke from NC to be so strong at my house I am looking around for an orange glow in the sky. So strong that 13 miles away at my office I can still smell it. It is bad. And I can only imagine if it is that bad here, how bad it must be down there for the folks living so much closer to the fires. Please send them your good thoughts that the rain will help and they can get the fires out.

In other news, I have cast one one of the two shawls I am doing for my Gift a Long group. The color is called Bone, I think it is the color of coffee with cream, by Carron. It is super soft and I am going to love it I think. I am using size 11 needles to give it that "airy" look. It is a very simple pattern that I found on the web but it doesn't list the designers name.
I will have pictures soon as it looks like something more than a blob on my needles.

For all those suffering with snow, please send some down here it is February and it is 60 degrees at 7am!
I need some winter!

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Its the Weekend!

Hooray for Saturdays! I know we all love weekends, who doesn't really, but I am so glad it is the weekend. It seems like the week has been so long. I have done much at work and am ahead of the game there, which is good. I have much to do at home this weekend the wallpaper stripping continues (pictures to come) I lost a pound this weekend, hhooray!
I am behind in my blogging, my pictures are sitting on the camera waiting to be downloaded resized and posted. My knitting isn't going as fast as I'd like, but the sock is nearly finished but it is only the first sock I still have it's mate to go and a second pair to cast one after a trip to the LYS. I do have a few pictures from last week.

I have been trying to post these pictures for several days, everytime I try somehow I get interrupted. The laptop bogs down, or is otherwise too slow. I can't do it from work, or like now the hubby is calling from the other room for something and I have a bulldog trying to push the laptop out of the way so she can get in my lap.

Sock at work:


The pictures do not do it justice on how the colors blend. But is is fun to watch the colors change slowly as I knit.

I know a lot of us have had colds or sinus problems recently and a few other ailments so to everyone out there who is not feeling well today here is a Rosie kiss!


Happy Knitting

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mid-Week Round-up


This is not the view I had today. This is actually from a week ago.
I have completed the gusset and heel of my sock and have started the foot. It is going quite well actually. The pattern uses some techniques I have not used before but I am enjoying them. The pattern is from More Sensational Socks, Charlene Schurch.

I completed two of the five items on my GAL so, the socks and the two shawls will have to carry over to February. Plus add one more pair of socks, the Jaywalkers.

Well it has been warmer than it has been in recent weeks and today is no exception, we are expecting 80 degrees today! Yesterday it was 70 or so, almost beat the 1890 record, but we missed it. I bet we break it today. I might have to open the window in my office today. Although tomorrow it is supposed to back to normal and in the 50s. I’ve given up on snow this year. It has been years since we had any in March so I think any chance of snow is over for this winter. It is so warm today I broke out the Crocs! I love me Crocs, they are so comfy!

I am having a problem with my window at work. It is a nice floor to ceiling window (only the bottom portion opens) but in the morning the sun shines through it which is nice, but it makes the window reflective and every morning I have birds flying into it! Not so hard that they hurt themselves, but the sparrows and two cardinals that live in the holly trees outside my window spend at least an hour fluttering up next to the window and banging their little beaks on it. Across the hall from me we have a wall of windows and the same thing happens over there in the afternoon when the sun shifts around to that side, but over there it is usually larger birds like robins and they have knocked themselves out they hit the window so hard. And then the hawks come and get them before they can get up again. And last week a robin killed itself it hit the window so hard. Apparently this has been an on-going problem and no one has been able yet to find a solution that prevents them from flying into the windows. Poor little things!

We had a little surprise at work this week. A co-worker brought in her 8 week old sheepdog puppy for everyone to see. Her name is Bella and she is just the sweetest thing. She has a white head with a black patch over one eye. So we had a sort of therapy dog time with a puppy. Which is a good thing for a morning when I think I am catching a cold and don’t feel my best. A little puppy kisses have curative powers.  And apparently I’m not the only one feeling bad this week we have had two other people call out before of illness. It just going around I guess.