Friday, December 5, 2008

A Mission to Save Boston

Not Boston, MA, I think they are doing okay. But Boston the Bulldog who was adandoned by his previous owner. He has been at a vet clinic in SC for at least a month. They are desperate to find him a safe loving home. Enter a friend of mine who works in rescue for Boston Terriers, while not the breed she rescues, used to breed bullies and was contacted by the vet clinic. Who in turned contacted me, well was there ever any doubt, he wouldn't find a home here? So, road trip! He will be our first boy.
I will bring you more details and pictures soon! Wish me luck!


Bea said...

Oh yay! Boy bulldogs are fun! Grumpy (at least Gus is) but fun!!

Knatly said...

Hey, have you saved Boston?
Have you done any spinning lately?
I've enjoyed your blog while neglecting mine, but have finally got around to writing a few things. Today finds me all chugged up with bronchial distress of some sort. Don't catch it!