Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cherry Cordial Shawl


The picture makes it look more red that it is, but it as eiter too light or too dark, so I went with light.

The details are:

Yarn: Red Heart Light and Lofty Colorway: 9376 Wine 4 balls at 140 yards each.

Needles: 15 on 54" circulars. I have plenty of left over so you could use a shorter circular cord.

Also used a yarn needle and crochet hook for weaving in loose ends.

CO 60 and knit in garter stitch until you reach your desired length.


I had not used this yarn before, it is 100% acrylic. But it is super soft. It was a little difficult the first couple of rows, because it is very easy to split the yarn, so you have to be careful until you get used to how it acts. Also, a word of caution the slubby nature of the yarn makes it very hard to tell if you have dropped a stitch so be very careful.

Overall, I'd probably use this yarn again, making for some matching mittens or a hat.

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Lucy said...

The shawl is adorable...I love the closure on it too.