Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a Week!

I am sorr dear reader for not keeping you more up to date on the goings on here.
We are in full house buying/selling mode here at the home of Stitches and Stories.
The current house is being scrubbed and cleaned to within and inch of its life, carpets are being ripped out and hardwood floors underneath, are being polished and shined.
Small items and photos are being boxed up, we have made wonderful friends at the local liquer store, by acquiring all the boxes they can spare, which means they don't have to spend their evenings breaking them down to recycle them.

Plans are being made to get measurements and estimates on things for the new house (not yet bought, but making an offer this week)

New appliances are being sought.

The girls and especially Molly (see dogster page below in the bar on the right) is particularly affected when routines or anything changes. She is very disturbed by all the changes taking place and not quite sure what she should do about it.
Poor dear, she is pacing a lot and sleeping. She is going to have a doggy spa day today. Maybe that will make her feel better she loves a good brushing.

On of course things are work are picking up with the new position, which is more public now and in the midst of all this madness I had to take time to go to a dinner to honor local business leaders in the community. It was a wonderful evening and a good time was had by all, but that was three hours I could have been cleaning or packing something.

I will post pictures of the precious cottage we are going to put an offer on soon.
It is adorable and the five acres it comes with is perfect for Stitches and Stories to start producing its own yarn! Fingers crossed there.

So please stay turned dear reader, more to come!

Happy Knitting!


Bea said...

Cool. I hope Molly's spa day is just what she needs to get over her anxiety.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Milly you are such a dear, I am so far behind on you blog, so hear I am this morning. I am so excited to catch up on your new home and everything you've been up to! :)