Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things I Learned in the Bathroom

Ripping down wallpaper in the guest bath has been the baine of my existence all summer. I only have myself to blame, I started that project thinking it would be easy, just a steam iron a putty knife and that wallpaper would jump off the walls. Wrong!
Steam didn't work, the wallpaper was from the 1970's it had been up there a long time. Long enough for that paperbacked mess to become one with the wallboard. So I started and found that fabric softener was the only thing that was going to coax this baby down, so I mixed fabric softener in water and applied and applied and lost interest and had no real motivation since the bathroom is rarely used and no guests were expected this summer.
But then this weekend a change of events prompted my motivation and I finished bring it all day today! The hubby applied some spackling in a few needed places and then I scrubbed the floors and cabinets. It will be ready to paint in a day or so and fresh paint it shall have.

So lesson 1, extra strength fabric softener will bring down that stubborn 1970s wallpaper, with help from a 3 inch putty knife.

Lesson 2, a toothbrush is invaluable when it comes to cleaning tile floors, you know the ones with the little bitty tiles.

Lesson 3, bleach will clean anything but it is important to rinse it aftewards so that it doesn't then eat it. That includes the rings you forgot to take off before you plunged your hand into the bucket of bleach water, delirous from the fumes of fabric softener.

Lesson 4, it is possible to paint over wallpaper, and if possible I highly recommend it. Note to self, never attempt to remove wallpaper on your own, paint over it instead.

Lesson 5, choosing to paint over the wallpaper does not make you an underachiever, on the contrary you are quite smart!

Lesson 6, the smell of bleach repels husbands, dilute accordingly.

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Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Great life lessons Milly! I have painted over wallpaper. Some of that old wallpaper was pasted on with who knows what and it just won't come off! LOL