Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rack'em Up!

Yesterday was one week from the day we started our own batch of wine, so it was time to as they say "rack it". So off we went to Vintner's Cellars in Yorktown and were once again greeted by Jennifer and Glen the owners. Just one of the nice couples you could meet.
Jennifer was in charge of us for our racking, which is basically transferring the wine from the fermination bucket to the carboy (a 5 gallon glass jug). It was quite fun and I didn't even make a mess!

We go back later this month to de-gas it and shortly after that it will be ready! Hooray! We are planning a little bottling party!

Vintner's Cellars seem to be in many locations in the country and Canada if you have one in your area, I highly recommend them. And of course if you are in the Williamsburg/Yorktown area, come meet Jennifer and Glen, they own and operate the only one in Virginia!


Starting the process with the wine theif.


Wine transferring to the Carboy.


Viola! Black Currant Merlot, ready to ferment a little more, and rest while waiting for us to return.



Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Yorktown! I love Yorktown :).... There's a wonderful little tavern down by the river that has the best burgers!

Your Merlot looks wonderful, I can't wait to hear how it tastes! That would be my choice if I ever made wine :).

Have a glorious Sonday!
Kathi :)

Bea said...

This sounds really fun! Too bad I don't like wine :(