Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Surprise! TaDa!

I have a brand new shiny toy! A 2008 Suzuki Boulevard S40! Oh I love it! I had an old '83 Suzuki 650GS and that thing was a clunker and a little difficult for someone as vertically challenged as myself to ride. But this new one, is sweet and the seat height is perfect! I was a little nervous about riding it home, because it has been at least a year since I sold my old bike and I have not done much riding since. But it took about five minutes and it was like I had been riding it everyday!

Here is a picture of the old bike "The beast"

It was a good first bike because frankly if can ride this you can ride anything. It was a seat height of 27 or 28 inches my feet never hit the ground flat it was top heavy and weighed about 500lbs.

Now the new bike, it is also a 650cc like the Beast but the packaging is so much better.

And a front view
I have a few accessories planned for her, some saddle bags, a windshield, engine case guard and light visors. She is running a little rough right now, only had 7/10 of a mile on her when I picked her up tonight so she needs some breaking in. I'm thinking maybe a sissy bar on the back so I have something to strap the spinning wheel to! What do you think?
I need a name for her, any thoughts?
I'm thinking about a name that bike contest but I have to think of a good prize and right now I can't think of anything. So just any thoughts you have on the subject would be appreciated at this point. LOL.

Hey Knat, what do you think?

Happy Knitting Everyone!


Bea said...

Cool. I wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole though.

Knatly said...

Oh! She's purdy! What a sweet ride!
So if your old bike was The Beast, this one could aptly be called Beauty!
You were quick posting photos -- I figured you'd still be out riding. LOL.
We'll have to get together and go riding sometime. Maybe we should go over and park right in front of Nettie's. I wonder how much the fine would be?

Sharon said...

yeah for shiny toys! Hmmm why does Suzie come to mind? Maybe my b/c my friend named her old truck that. My truck's name is Purl.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Wow! I think you made the right choice! Great shot of the old and new, what a comparison! It's amazing how far we've come isn't it? I'm not a rider but I can see the difference in your photo's! Nice bike!

NH Knitting Mama said...

HOW FUN IS THAT? I am jealous (in a good way!)