Thursday, July 31, 2008

Special Request DOT

I have a special request this week dear reader. I am attempting to gather stories about adopted or rescued animals, doesn't have to be just dogs. I am looking for first hand accounts. Perhaps you have a pet you adopted from a shelter or rescue group or you work with animals in some way that you would have knowledge of a heart warming, or maybe not so heart warming but would shed light on the importance of responsible pet ownership etc.

I would like to collect the stories and publish a small book. I have already received a few stories from fellow Basset owners, but am looking for all types of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits you name it.

My goal is to get the book published and then donate the money to a rescue organization, although to be honest I am still researching which one(s). I am naturally drawn to Basset Hound rescue but I am thinking that a non-breed specific would be best based on the variety of stories I hope to receive.

Please email me your story to my email address over there to the right.

As inspiration, here is a brief history of Molly. We adopted her from the local SPCA, she was so small she was in the puppy room. She was turned in because she suffered from motion sickness in the car. Which was true she did.
I took her home and to our vet and she was approximately six months or older. But she was so small, our vet said she wouldn't get more than 40lbs.
Well, 11 years later she is a happy healthy, 75lbs, loves to ride in cars and is a certified therapy dog.

So put on those thinking caps and get those creative juices flowing, and lets raise some money for help fight homelessness among all those four leggers who can't help themselves!

Thank you.


Nichole said...

You can find the story of all of our dogs throughtout my blog and on their Dogster pages (linked from my blogs) if you're interested. :) Sophie is the latest adoption (she was also featured on the Planet Dog blog), before that it was Teutul and before that, Lola... Zeus is the only one who wasn't a shelter dog - he came from a friend's liter.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Milly, you're a woman after my own heart! I rescued my sissy, I will try to find time to get her story to you. What a wonderful thing to do, there are a lot of sad stories with happy endings out there :).

Firefly Nights said...

You might be interested in the story about our Roscoe:

Sue said...

I have several rescue dogs that had been either abused or neglected. If you check my blog, the April and May posts tell about Pylon, Bentley, Lucy, Monty and Morgan. If you would like more info on any of them just let me know.