Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Little Cheese to go with that Whine?

If you can't whine on your own blog, seriously where can you whine? So the dentist said that Sunday I would really feel "it" and yesterday I laughed because I had felt pretty bad already but was feeling good enough to go outside and keep hubby company while he painted the garage door and some shutters on the house. Yeah, well enough to watch paint dry, living on the edge I tell ya!

After sleep pretty much straight through the first 24 hours it was a little hard to sleep last night so I tossed and turned and did manage a little sleep only to be awaken by this unreasonable pain. So I got up and took the vicaden I had been avoiding and managing quite well on just the motrin so far.
I thouht it would help me sleep it didn't really. But, this morning I took my morning dose of motrin managed an oatmeal muffin and thought it was time to get out of the house. I quick ride to the bookstore and the farmers market should be okay. WRONG!

I was in so much pain, I thought I would die, hubby got me home where I took a vicaden and the afternoon dose of motrin together and promptly went to sleep.

I still feel groggy, I don't think I can knit, but I can't sleep either, so here I am! whining blogging.

No pictures though, I mean you really don't need to see me looking like an overgrown chipmunk.
But I am hoping for some FOs pictures tomorrow so stay tuned.

Happy Knitting


Bea said...

Ouch. Ok I am so so so hoping that tomorrow (today?) you wake up 100% better!

Sharon said...

Oh gosh. I cannot handle dental pain at all. I hope you are 100% better.