Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Back Among the Living!

Well I went back to my dentist this morning because I am just tired of being in pain and apparently I am going to live. So far he has never lost a patient from wisdom tooth extraction even all four at once. He did feel the need to remind me that I was not 20 and therefore the healing process was slower. I really felt like testing that theory on his nose, because everyone person I have spoken to when ask how I'm doing and I say I still have what I feel is too much pain they respond with "...well you know it's different when your twenty" Thanks for that little tip.

So since have neglected you dear readers, I will try to make up for it with some pictures and FOs! Hoooray! Who doesn't love FO's on a Friday!

So here is the Big Easy Vest I made for hubby in size...too small.

Here are the socks for hubby, basic top down pattern with 1 x 1 ribbing.

The plants are still small in the vegetable garden but the flowers are growing, here is a rose that is called blue rose, but due to the Ph level in my soil it is not so blue.

Here are some lilies and geraniums:

And today it is going to be warm so what better treat than a strawberry, kiwi, watermelon slushy!

Hope everyone is planning a wonderful weekend!
Happy Knitting.


Bea said...

oops about the sweater. Do you know any guys smaller then your husband? Ha, could he loose weight? :)

The socks look good. I won't call them pretty because thats not a manly word.

Does the blue rose really bloom blue in the right soil? oooo...that would be cool.

kathi said...

Oh Milly, I've been thinking of you all week, it sounds like you ended up with a dry socket. It's all down hill now :).

Your vest and socks are beautiful, you're very talented! A slushy a day sounds like a wonderful plan!

Feel better!
Kathi :)

Tea said...

Your flowers are just beautiful!
I love the rose especially!
The socks are very nice in blue! Sorry about the vest not fitting..a story I know too well.

Happy knitting!