Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

Can you believe it is time for Dogs on Thursday already? The girls have been behaving themselves and not getting into mischief and so I have to give you belly shots today.

Rub my belly!



So I am still working on the sock, I am halfway down the foot so there is progress being made. But, I also have a a really good book I am reading right now and so it keeps pulling my attention away from the sock. The sock is not happy. It has rebelled by dropping it’s stitches off the needle when I am not looking and I can hear it snickering too.

The Tiger Lilies are blooming I just love their color!

I hope everyone is going to have a lovely weekend, I will probably sleep through it. And probably wont’ be able to post much for a day or two as I am having all four wisdom teeth removed Friday morning. So please forgive my absence for a few days, but I’ll be back.

Happy Knitting!


Bea said...

heee... they are so cute!

Kathi~lavender, lace and thyme said...

Hi Milly,

Your girls look very happy! I think of my Mother knitting socks once, her and a girlfriend decided they'd each knit one...Mom's was huge her friends was tiny, they did not come close to matching!

Ah wisdom teeth...I work in a dental office so I can feel your pain but soon this too shall pass. I got your note about my recipe and I think it should be soft enough, the top will be some crunchy when you take it out of the oven but if you cover it with foil I think it will be really soft and it is wonderful with ice cream or whip cream!

Enjoy your weekend and I hope you don't end up with any dry sockets!

Kathi :)

Nichole said...

Cute pics!