Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Charity Knitting and Helping a Scout Help Others

Charity projects of all charity projects. There is a young lady named Kaitlyn who hasn’t been knitting very long but has already found away to use her knitting to help others.
She is a girl scout and as many may know the scouts are a service organization and one of the highest awards you can receive is based on your service to others. That is whay Kaitlyn is doing through knitting.
Here is her website Knitted Cap Knitwork If you would like to help Kaitlyn other young people less fortunate and/or experience a major medical event in their lives, please knit a hat or two and send it on to her. One group of knitters got together and sent her a donation of 82 hats! So that’s a good start but I bet she could use more hats, or other items to donate to young people in need!

Knit on!

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