Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Time/Space Continuum

Okay, I have no idea what happen to last week. I mean it completely got away from me. I usually at the least have a post typed up and ready to publish when I get one at least one day a week and usually my DOT in advance, but not this week.
And it was spring break and some folks at work were off which should have meant is was going to be quiet, but it gave me time to get a lot of others things done so I guess no so quiet.

I got book tagged and have been meaning to post that, which I will now, but I must forewarn you I do not read a lot of fiction and so my book choice may not be exciting to some.

Right now I am reading Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep, Breeding, Care and Facilities by Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius.

Page 123 is the terminology page so this is going to be fun. The rules are to turn to page 123 find the 5th sentence and post the next three. So here goes,

Fetch: Bringing something to the handler.
Gather: Going out and finding the sheep, gathering them into a flock, and fetching them to the handler; three related terms are outrun, lift and fetch.
Lift: The dog's first contact with the sheep on a gather, when the sheep determine how they will react to the dog.

How exciting was that! Sorry folks, I tried to go out and buy a fiction book that I have been anticipating and was going to use that but the store was sold out, so I had to come home and use my current reading.

With my shawl frogged completely, the socks and dog sleeper finished. It was time for a new project. So I started the button up sweater vest the hubby wanted.
I have the right front completed beyond the body and starting the left front. In the picture it is reversed just because I was working the wrong side when I took the photo. It is from Maggie's Rags pattern Big Easy Vest.
I love it, it is very easy to knit. Should have it done by next weekend.


Happy Knitting


KimT said...

vest looks great

KimT said...

vest looks great

fireflynights said...

I don't read much fiction either. I thought the sentences from the sheep book were great.