Friday, March 7, 2008

TGIF, and then some!

It’s been a tough week folks and I hope to apologize for my lack of posting. Things have gone little overboard at work and by the time I get home at night I’ve been really tired. I did make an effort for Dogs on Thursday to get the post up complete with cute pics of Rosie this week, but for whatever reason I can’t get them off the camera. Something is not working right either me or the camera. And I was too tired to fight it. So I logged off and went to bed.

Today is Friday and I’m happy about that, but I am earning my weekend this week. Today as been the worst day so far this week and that is saying something. My nemesis has gone for the day so hopefully (fingers and paws crossed) the rest of the day will be uneventful and pass quietly.

On top of everything we are getting our second set of rain storms this week and my hubby emailed me after dropping me off at work (we carpool) that by the time he got to his office the truck was smoking from under the hood. He couldn’t see any obvious signs of leaks but went inside waited for it to cool and put water in it at lunch, drove to the auto parts store and had to pay $10 for a jug of antifreeze, $10! I mean $4 is usually what we pay, but not knowing what was going on with the truck he felt he should have it, supposed to be in the 30s tonight. He drove it around a bit and no problems of any kind. I don’t know which is worse, having the problem or have it intermittently and not knowing the cause. So I was going to go look at carders tonight at Colonial Fiber Arts, but I’m not sure I want to tempt fake here tonight on a cold raining night and I don’t really have the urge to drop $300 tonight, somehow I’m not in a shopping mood. Can’t imagine how that happened.

We had some pretty good storms here the other night, 60mph winds and rain and I slept through the whole thing. I like to listen to storms, but I was so tired last night I never heard it thunder.

I am taking a break today from the shawl and working on my second Noro sock. I am not happy with the way the shawl is turning out and I am on the very of frogging it and before I do that I thought I would put it down and concentrate on something else. Maybe a break and a new look with fresh eyes will keep me from ripping it all out and starting over, again. But, I’m not really liking the pattern and I have do something about it.

But, today socks, fun, relaxing, sheer enjoyment of socks! The changing of the colors from purple to blue, to green to yellow. AAAHH!

Work has been going at break neck speed this week as far as projects flying at me across the desk, but they don’t seem to be leaving my office as fast as they are coming in.
So despite the temps being near 70 today, it is going to a lunch of soup and homemade bread. That is my comfort food. Only thing that would make it better would be a grilled cheese sandwich with a slice of tomato. And lots of sock knitting.

I’m really digging this toe up procedure! This is my first time using a toe-up and I don’t think I will ever knit a sock any other way again. This is lovely! So neat and clean and less boxy than when I have to stitch the toe together.

And hey, you have a pooch, you have to check out, not only are their a great bunch of pups over there, their humans are pretty cool too and there is going to be a muddy pup spring swap and a charity knit project coming up soon too. So stop by and vote for your favorite pup charity.

And don’t forget Amanda’s contest at and tell her Milly sent ya!


Bea said...

I've sending you some good calming vibes. Some relaxation is definitely in order for you I think. I hate it when the work week seems about 5 weeks long. I hope the truck is ok!

Nichole said...

Cute Milly pic! Looks like you had fun shopping.