Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Fling

Spring is springing up all over here. I relocated some bulbs several years ago when we bought the house they haven't bloomed since, until this year!

I was so surprised to see these lovely ladies pop up this year. I'm horrible with bulbs I always plant them upside down!

Spring Flowers

I also planted five rose bushes yesterday (no pics, sorry) Actually, I relocated them. They had been on the side of the house and had started getting up under the siding so I moved them. I plan to use that now empty space for vegatables.
I started seeds in egg cartons and hope I have some little plants to put out soon.

It is rainy here today, which is good for the roses I just moved yesterday and good for me to stay in and knit!

Happy Knitting All!


wendy g said...

Daffodils are one of my favorite spring bulbs.
Hope you had a wonderful day knitting!

Bea said...

Beautiful Flowers.