Monday, March 24, 2008

Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday, it was a very productive weekend, even if all the production was not knitting related. But, I did make progress on the dog sleeper and my sock mate. All is rolling along quite nicely.
I'm hoping that last weeks productivity at work will allow for a little calmer week this week and I might be able to get more done at home after work. I have a great idea for framing some cross stiched items. I bought some plain wooden frames and I plan to paint them and dress them up a little bit. I am on a re-decorating kick right now, so I am looking at some pictures I hung in my office at work recently and I might take them back home and dress up those frames a bit too. They look a little plain hanging on the white wall. I'm thinking of adding sea shells to one. And I have decided what I want to do in the guest bath once all the wall paper is down, so I can't wait to get started on that.

It is hard to bellieve that next week is April already! My snap beans are sprouting and doing fine in the little windowill garden I have going and by the time it is warm enough outside they will be ready to go in the grown. I am going to put them in the beds with the jasmine since I have trellis' already there and they can share. I do have to build a few more beds though, for the peppers, tomatos and cucumbers I have in little seed cups. Which haven't sprouted yet and I am starting to worry about them, at least the peppers because I started those seeds a week or two before the beans, realizing of course that beans are fast growers. I might plant some more in case the first batch were duds or something.

It is a little cloudy here today looking like rain. I hope it does because so far my roses that I transplanted are looking really good and I want them to get plenty of water early on to help take hold. I'd really like to completely re-landscape the front yard, but that is a different story. And a huge project.

Happy Knitting.

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tash said...

Thanks for your comments! Spring certainly is the time when a re-decorate seems a good idea - we've got so much to change here I'm not sure where to start!

I cannot believe how quickly the last couple of months have been - I've been growing things indoors and, if the weather had been better, I would've planted them out but it's been snowing on and off along with nightly frosts. Some slightly warmer April weather would be nice! But I'm not complaining :)