Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

We took the girls to a new vet this weekend. I had really just become unhappy with our old vet for a while and last week I went in to pick up a refill on some heartworm medicine. I went in and was the only person in the lobby. A very young kennel assistant was manning the front desk, she saw me come in and got up to go talk to someone, then a lady with a dog came in for day care the YKA came back and started oohhing and aahhing over the dogs, (they were cute) and calls for someone to come and get the dogs and take them back. I'm still standing at the counter waiting, then one of the vets came in and she brings her dogs to work and they came up front and she made a fuss over them and then finally looks at me and says “oh, can I help you?” I got my meds and left, promptly called another vet that used to work there and left to open his own practiced and had my files transferred over that day. This was just the straw that broke the camels back. I haven’t been happy with the care from the vets themselves and now to not even get good customer service out front as it for me. It is a shame I have been taking my dogs there since I was about 7 years old and my parents got me a puppy.
Our new vet is a husband and wife team. He is the vet and his wife is the vet tech and they have a little family operation going there. I loved them when they were at our old vet, which was literally up the street and so convenient, this one is a little further away but I think worth the trip the level of care I think is going to be much better.
He did surgery on Rosie when she had cherry eye and did a superb job! Their receptionist has a bully too, so we all had much to talk about.
We will be taking Rosie next week to see if we can do something about her allergies, that the old vet kept treating the symptoms and not the allergy itself.
He did say Lily could stand to lose a few pounds and he is right, she is a very plump 72lbs. and Molly is just 80lbs, although she should probably be closer to 75lb, but the basset and the golden shouldn't probably be weighing close to the same amount. LOL, so Lily and mommy have to get some more exercise.

Molly and Lily then got to go to Petsmart, and Molly got a free gift because it was her birthay this month. She was nice and got liver treats she can share with her sisters.
They were both very well behaved considering they each have only ever been there once before. They made several new friends.

This week the girls have lost their minds, they are all house trained and being 12, 6 and 3 have been for some time. But for some reason they have decided that the hallway is a better place to do than outside. I don’t know if it is the grass or what; event though we have had to cut it once already this spring to keep in down for them. But, we have had several “pee” accidents in the hallway and Molly has to “go” over top of everyone else, whether she is inside or out! I have scatter rugs in the hall so at lease I can pick them up and wash them, but it is out of control. There is no UTI going on so I is doggy boot camp this week, they can’t have free roam of the house and I’m keeping them where I can see them, going out with them to make sure they do their business out there. I just don’t know what gets into them sometimes.

In knitting news, the dog snuggle is near completion. I’m hoping by the end of the weekend we will have a finished product.

Happy DOT Everyone!


Bea said...

That sucks about the old vet, but I'm glad you are going to be way happier at the new one! I didn't know dogs got a free treat at petsmart on their birthday, both Abby and Gus are in May. I don't have any advice for the going issue. Maybe the grass is rough? We are finally to the point that we know Gus can hold it for a long time if he has too. Which usually he doesn't have to, but its nice to know he can.

fireflynights said...

We're also kind of in the process of changing vets. We took the boys in for their vaccinations and had planned to tell her, but we ended up discussing so many minor doggie health problems that it didn't seem appropriate to tell her that we planned to go to the vet a half mile from our house.

Then when I got home I discovered our vaccination record had the computer signature of a vet who hadn't been with the business for about four months. Asked them to send a corrected version and I'm still waiting. Also wonder why a 16 pound dog has a 25 mg prescription when it says 1 mg per pound. Soon as I get the vaccination record straight, I think we need to move forward with our plans to leave.

vegasangelbrat said...

Thanks for stopping by. Our petsmart gives treats all the time, if the doggies will take them..mine aren't too sure about
Hope your happy with the new vet..that really sucks having to change, but we do what we have to do.