Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3 6 Bags Full

My friend Terri, whom I have mentioned here before, when she last gave me a bag and a half of fleece to practice learning to spin with, emailed me to tell me she had more fleece from last year's shearing and she was only two months away from this years shearing and did I want some more fleece? Does a fish want water? So I headed on over to her farm after work and we crammed gently placed six large bags of fleece in my Ford Escort. This did not include the three small bags of very special sheep that are no longer with her but frolicking at the bridge. I promised to make her a blanket from the very special wool. I have a pattern in mind already too.

So tonight when I got home from work I began the cleaning process. And another friend told me of soaking the wool in linen/laundry bags in the wash machine. So I thought shoot that would be easier than doing it by hand. So I filled it with hot water and put some wool in mesh bags, closed them up and put them in to soak. I then began spinning. I was in my old little world of spinning when I heard a familiar sound, the sound of the washing machine washing! I sprinted to the washer and cut it off, checked the setting it did still say soak, who knew that the soak cycle would start agitating? I crossed my fingers and hoped that I had caught it in time. So I turned it to the spin/rinse and waited breathlessly, and took it out and guess what?
That stuff felted like nobodies business! I was not a happy camper.

So back to the office to skirt some more and try again, only then did the hubby come home and want help mowing the grass, dinner and feeding the dogs. So that is on old until I can get another moment to try again.

But her are some pictures of my score thanks to Terri (did I mention how awesome she is?!)

My office after unloading the car.

Three special bags

Don't you just want to dive right in there?

And what can make a dog go all loopy and act sort of drunk? Dognip! AKA unwashed wool.

Probably should have saved that one for DOT, consider it a DOT preview.

Happy Knitting!


Nichole said...

lol, love that last pic!

Bea said...

How lucky are you? What fun. I can't wait to see what you do with all of it!

fireflynights said...

Dropped by for Dogs on Thursday and looked around and discovered your fleece tale. Also went farther back and found out you've recently learned to spin. My friend and I are having a similar adventure. A couple of posts about it this week if you're interested.

I was lucky. I just let my fleece soak in the laundry tub and only used the washer to spin it dry. Sorry about your felt.

You're lucky to have a friend with a drum carder. I sure could use one about now.