Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Smoke on the Water

Some of you may have heard about the recent brush fires down in North Carolina, right across the Virginia line, the firefighters are working really hard to control them but the winds lately are really giving them fits.
Today we are getting much needed rain that will hopefully help put out the fires, but what else does rain bring? Clouds, low ones, ones that allow the smell of smoke from NC to be so strong at my house I am looking around for an orange glow in the sky. So strong that 13 miles away at my office I can still smell it. It is bad. And I can only imagine if it is that bad here, how bad it must be down there for the folks living so much closer to the fires. Please send them your good thoughts that the rain will help and they can get the fires out.

In other news, I have cast one one of the two shawls I am doing for my Gift a Long group. The color is called Bone, I think it is the color of coffee with cream, by Carron. It is super soft and I am going to love it I think. I am using size 11 needles to give it that "airy" look. It is a very simple pattern that I found on the web but it doesn't list the designers name.
I will have pictures soon as it looks like something more than a blob on my needles.

For all those suffering with snow, please send some down here it is February and it is 60 degrees at 7am!
I need some winter!

Happy Knitting!

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Nichole said...

I saw your title and immediately sang "and fire in the sky..." ... man, does that show my age, lol

Anyway, many good vibes being sent to all those folks affected.

I'd GLADLY send you some winter... we got more snow overnight and now its a mix of freezing rain... and COLD. ugh.