Friday, February 29, 2008

Lets Start the Weekend a Little Early

Well,everyone at work as been sick with something flu, cold or crude. I have been trying to keep my door to the office mostly closed to keep out the sick people, but guess what it didn't work. My boss laughed when I told him yesterday afternoon I was feeling so bad I wanted to curl up underneath my desk. So I am home today, with a cold and a sore throat, can you believe it!?

My dear friend at work, loaned me her drum carder, so I have big plans for this weekend for carding, spinning and the cleaning of more fleece.

I did not meet my February goals for knitting and I have no idea how that could have possibly happened I mean. It was only two shawls and 1 1/2 pairs of socks. I don't understand where the time went. I think it is some sort of trick and it really isn't the end of February at all, but maybe the 15th or something.

But, I know it is the end, because this weekend is DH's birthday and he is trying to decide what he wants to do. I think a winery tour would be fun and he is really into wine, but the question is do we want to do the one locally or head out of town for a day trip to do it. A lot depends on the weather too.

Well I'm off to make a breakfast of scrambled eggs with ginger to warm me up and work on some soup for later today.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

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Margaret said...

Hope you feel better! And in time to enjoy the weekend!