Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dogs on Thursday with Lost

Well, I have the crude, you know the flu/or sinus thing that is infecting everyone in my office because we have days in the 60s and snowing (like yesterday) none of it stuck though. I have read several blogs in the recent days talking about all the snow they have gotten this year and we haven't gotten anything stuck or accumulated at all. I wish we would get some, but one more day and March will be here so I think my chance for snow this year is over.

The dogs I think are feeling the same way and this is what we plan to do tomorrow.


Lily tripped on the steps tonight coming in from the backyard and now is limping a little.

Rosie's skin is clearing up I started giving her childrens benadryl. for her skin.

Tonight is Lost, Rosie is in my the same pose as the picture above, but the difference is my legs are under her. Molly is patrolling the backyard and Lily is keeping watch from the door.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


Bea said...

Rosie is so cute. I hope Lily's leg is ok!

Nichole said...

What an adorable sleeping pup!

Sharon said...

Awww Rosie is a cutie. Best wishes to Lily and her leg.