Monday, February 18, 2008

Day 3 the Final Day

Well, the day started with a tornado watch. We didn't get one here luckily, but we did have thunderstorms. So I got up and sent the hubby off to work and then fed the girls. I settle in for contemplate how I should spend my day, the possibilities were endless. I could knit, blog, clean, run errands or sleep. hmm, it was good sleeping weather rumbles of thunder and all, but I wasn't sleepy, there were scones and fresh Va honey for tea, that sounded like a good breakfast. Then I decided to get on the new mini laptop. I read up on blogs, surfed the net and played games that came with the mini. Frozen bubble is highly addictive.
After the storms blew past I decided that we just couldn't make it another day on scones and two buck chuck and headed for the store. I told myself that no one would be there in the middle of the day, silly me, I actually believed myself. But, I was in and out in a short amount of time and back home in time to chat with my neighbor and get things put away before hubby returned home.
There may have been one or two episodes of season 3 of MASH in there but I'll deny it if anyone asks. (I love MASH).

All in all it was really quite the unadventurous weekend and I didn't do nearly the knitting I should have, but it was relaxing and now I only have a four day work week.

Happy Knitting All!

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KimT said...

I too am grateful for the 4 day week. Glad you were able to relax.