Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

Well, we had snow flurries last week and this week it is in the 70s. I really wish mother nature would pick a season and stick with it for a month or so. I could live with that.

Well the socks I was working on weren’t coming out like I like and the yarn wasn’t very cooperative. I have used this yarn before it is a cotton wool blend, but I don’t I just didn’t like it this time. So I frogged them and now using the yarn for wrist warmers and it is working out fine for that. I am now in search of the perfect sock yarn for this project. I have some that I bought for myself and I may just start on those. But the ones I had originally cast on were a gift, thus fulfilling both my Sock KAL and my Gift A Long requirements for the month. Luckily the wrist warmers on the list so I am keeping up with one anyway. So this weekend wasn’t very productive if you count the end result which was nothing.

Oh exciting news at work I found a fellow knitter/spinner who raises her own Alpaca’s, mohair goats and Romney sheep! Seriously! She has a little farm on the river! I am envious of her for that I can tell you. She has so much fleece she cannot do it all herself and has to send some of it out!

Well this morning what did I find, but a bag hanging on my office door knob with 30%kid mohair and 70%Romney roving! I don’t know exactly how much it is but it has to be a pound at least. She is an angel!



She might take the spinning class with me next week as a refresher since she has been sending most of hers out lately.

It would be fun to know someone in the class as well as meet new people. And of course it will make great blog fodder!

Happy Knitting


Bea said...

looks a bit like cotton candy. Should be very pretty all spun up!

katie said...

what a treat to find a like-minded soul at work - you must work in a nice place! you could have 'knitting lunch breaks'!!!

Nichole said...

ooohhh... you found a GOOD friend there!!! :)

Garngamen said...

Wow, that says something. Tasty yarn! ;-) And thanks for visiting my blog! It is so nice to make new knitting friends!

Margaret said...

A blend of kid mohair and romney should be lovely to spin. And it will dye up beautifully too!