Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a Week

Dogs on Thursday.

Well, we got Rosie’s eye cleared up and now Molly is showing signs of a UTI. I was up last night letting her out everything 15 minutes or so. So I started her on some meds and hopefully we can nip in the bud. Poor thing she is the only one that has a conscience and feels bad if she had an accident in the house. The other two could care less. They look at you like, “yeah that’s right I couldn’t hold it so what!?”

Molly didn’t eat much this morning so I tempted her with organic peanut butter flavored dog biscuits she did eat one of those and a piece of a hotdog. We both got about two hours worth of sleep last night. She was dozing off when I had to leave her this morning for work. I am going to worry about her all day until I can get home and check on her.

It’s all about the hats

This week is all about the hats. Hats for “Hats off for Megan” if you can help people visit Amanda’s page for details. Megan is only six years old and just found out she had leukemia. Also, a wonderful lady who is a fellow basset hound owner in Washington state, has learned her cancer has returned and is in her brain. She is already starting to lose her hairs so I am making hats her for as well. I have made a simple spiral ribbed hat, a stockinette stitch with rolled brim and cast on EZ reversible hat from her book “Knitting Around” I am trying to use bright happy colors like red, purple and burgundy. For Megan, pastels (yellow and pink). And of course the softest yarn I could get for their precious heads.

If anyone out there uses Cavelier Telephone service or is thinking about it. Don’t. I have had both phone and DSL service with this company for a few years and have had nothing but problems. I don’t mind so much if my DSL has a problem or even my phone, I mean these things happen, but gets me is there lack of customer service, it is ridiculous! They can’t seem to get anything right. And it has been that way from the beginning. I reported them once to the Better Business Bureau and it took a couple of months to get the issue resolved.

Everything worked for a while but then recently they started offering TV over IP in our area, the criteria was that you had to have DSL service, which was great because we did and we cannot get sattlite where we are and the cable is sooo expensive. So I called, they looked me up in the system and told me that according to their records I wasn’t able to get DSL in my area. I explained that I had it and had had it for some time and they charged me for it every month. They said well we can’t offer you the TV service because according to the system you can’t have DSL. So I said whatever and left it at that. Then my DSL started performing badly. Sometimes it wouldn’t connect properly or when it did it was extremely slow to the point that I didn’t even get on the computer because it wasn’t worth the wait time. It was like having dial up again. So I finally got fed up and changed from DSL to highspeed cable internet. It has been working great. So I called Cavtel to cancel the DSL portion of my account, which shouldn’t have been a problem since they didn’t seem to think I had it. Well I called before the billing period, but yet got a bill anyway so I called and they adjusted my bill to be the correct amount. Then it took a month for them to disconnect the DSL at their end, which they did last week, but in doing so, they did something to the phone and now I have no dial tone. I can still get to my voicemail but I can’t receive or make calls! I called to report the problem. They said they couldn’t find a problem and would turn it over to a specialist and call me back. One week later, I haven’t heard from them and still have no phone service. I can’t wait to get my bill and have to call and argue with them over that one.

Enter Vonage! We have to have phone service. So we started looking for alternatives to Cavtel. We looked at other companies, considered just using cell phones and not having a phone in the house but cells can be expensive. So we went with Vonage. So far we love it. And the people we know that have it highly recommend it and have been very happy with their service for 2 – 3 years. So hopefully this will work out.

So beware if you have Cavtel or considering it. Their customer service is terrible and they can’t seem to deliver what they promise.

This concludes my public service announcement. 

Happy knitting


Sharon said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear the puppies are not feeling good. "cyber hugs to the doggies"!

BTW, my friend send the same thing about that phone service. Good to know.

Nichole said...

Hope the doggies get better soon!!!

NH Knitting Mama said...

What a fiasco for your phone service! Stuff like that is so stressful - like you didn't have enough going on with the dogs!

Paula said...

Oh dear I hope your furbabies get better soon.
UTI's in dogs are rufff!

Elise will send lots of big sighs and drool to help speed healing.

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