Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We are just too far south and close to the water to ever really get much snow. But I felt jut a tingle of excitement today when we had snow flurries all morning, even with the sun out for a bit, so you knew it wasn’t going to last.
People were getting exciting wondering if we would get to go home early. And just to put this into perspective for my friends who enjoy living in snow country, two inches of snow here shuts everything down, government, schools, the mall you name it; because we just don’t have the equipment to deal with it. The city I live in has one snow truck at last count. We just don’t get it that often. When I lived in Northern Virginia there were lots of people who owned large pick up trucks with snow plow attachments, they would put on and earn a few extra bucks clearing out parking lots and things like that. I don’t even see that around here very much.

Today was back to work day. And for the days last week that I was infinitely bored, I am making up for today in being busy. The time of being the “new” person and not having much assigned to me I think is over. Even the clients have my name now, people I haven’t even met with yet, are starting to send things to me. Kinda cool at first and then when you desk and your bookcase and drafting table has plans stacked all over the place it gives you the feeling of “when the heck did this happen?” But, still kinda cool, since I like my job.

In knitting news, finished a hat to complete a hat/scarf set for my neighbor. One of those projects I had really hoped to have done in time for Christmas and didn’t , but it was still timely since this week is the coldest we have had so far this year and they might come in handy. I’m put myself full time into the socks. I have frogged them a fourth time because I didn’t like that way they were working out but I think I like the way they are going this time.
Specs: crew socks, from the cuff down in sailor ribbing. The pattern is from the book “More Sensational Socks” by Charlene Schurch. It is a five stitch pattern. The color is gray. A cotton/wool blend I purchased last year when I first started knitting. So I guess I get points for stash knitting. I can’t wait to get them done and try out my new sock blockers!

Speaking of stash knitting, along with New Year’s resolutions and such I have read on a number of blogs and I think there is a group on ravelry to knit down their stash this year. I did not understand this, why in the world would you want to do such a thing? Except maybe because it has become a necessity in order to make room for more stash, but is the goal to have no stash at all!? I shudder at the thought! Maybe I don’t have enough stash yet to feel closterphobic about it yet. (only two Rubbermaid tubs full) Now, you want to torture me, tell me I have to knit only from my patterns and can’t buy any more!
That would be the end of life as I know it, if I couldn’t buy more pattern books or leaflets. I have taken to buying one a week here recently!

I was productive with the stash in another way this weekend. I cleaned out the closet or started to, and decided it would be a good time to update my inventory of stash to be posted on ravelry so I moved it from one bin to the other and made notations as to what I had. Not so much. After, that I found a bunch of old movies on VHS, stuff I hadn’t thought about in a long time. Things like Purple Rain, Children of the Corn (hate scary movies) Pretty Women. So I sorted those out and put them where they belong. I am going to need another long weekend to watch all my new found old movies. LOL. Knitting mania!

Happy Knitting

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Bea said...

I am going to be knitting only from my stash for a while. I can't stand having one. I've been gifted or purchased a bunch of yarns recently and I just can't bear to have it all sitting around. It makes me nervous to have so much potential just sitting around. So I'll be knitting with it as much as possible this year.