Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Love Getting “Lost” and Dogs on Thursday

Okay, I have a confession. I love the show “Lost”. Been a junky since the first show. I don’t watch a lot of TV. I will watch a movie, but not so much TV shows, except “Lost”. So you can imagine how excited I am this week!
Last nights recap of last episode from last season was just as interesting as it was the first time.
Tonight’s the big night! First episode of the season. Maybe we will find out who the people in the freighter are and what they want. And bonus! Knitting time! So I’m going to have to find a “Knitting with Lost” button for my sidebar.

I usually carry my small digital camera with me everywhere, it is small enough to fit in my purse and you never know when a photo opportunity will present itself. Well as luck would have it. I left it at home yesterday morning to charge up the batteries and as soon as I walked outside regretted not finding some replacement batteries and bringing it with me. There was the promise of a beautiful sunrise, but I was in danger of getting behind on a tight schedule to rather than unlock the door and go search for fresh batteries and went on and hopped in the car and went on to work. I had almost forgotten about the camera when I turned the corner a few blocks from my house and looked west and saw a perfect rainbow! One you could see the arch, I don’t think I have ever seen a rainbow at seven in the morning.

The rainbow was a prelude to the 60 degree weather we are having this week. It looks like rain this morning but none yet.

I have made progress on the lava flow sock.

I have completed three chemo caps and one to go.

The last one for some reason is giving me problems. I have no idea why. I have made a ton of hats in the past year. I just did three over the past week and on the last one it is just not wanting to be a hat. It is one I want done for the “Hats off to Megan” and I’m on sort of a time crunch so naturally it wants to fight with me. So I am going to have to sit down and devote some undivided attention to this little hat so it realizes how special it is and see if it won’t agree to behave itself and conform to a cute little hat for Megan.

And finally a question for the collective, does anyone have a reliable source for natural herbs? I am on the hunt for well natural herbs of course, but also cranberry extract. And it isn’t that easy to find apparently, or I don’t know where to look. But there aren’t a lot of stores that sell that sort of thing here that I can find, everything is along the lines of a GNC or something and that isn’t quite what I had in mind.
So if you have good source for your natural herbs, please let me know.

Dogs on Thursday

I am sorry I don't have any pictures of the girls this week. It has been such a crazy week trying to keep them all healthy. But Molly seems to be cured although she still has a few more days on the meds. But she is eating like a horse and her usual silly self.
Lily had a birthday last week and turned 3. But that is also about the time Molly started to get her UTI so birthday party will have to be this weekend.

Happy Knitting!

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Cactusneedles said...

Wow! That rainbow sounds like it was great! Hope you're having a great day!! :)