Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Dog on Thursday

Well let me start with a bit of good news. After a second blood test we were able to confirm that Molly does not have hypothyroidism. Her first regular six month blood work showed levels in the gray area so we did a T4 to double check and it came back negative so we are in the clear. I'm so happy. I was reading up on it and she does not have any symptoms other than dry sking on her back, which could be caused by other things, we have increased her red meats. But not seen a big change yet.
She also had a good week, from her point of view in that she finally caught a rabbit. She has been chasing squirrels and rabbits out of our yard for years and never caught one. She caught the bunny she left it on the patio and went and laid down. Hubby found the poor thing and took it away. Molly didn't seem interested anymore. My guess it she thought it was fun to chase but didn't really know what to do when she actually caught it.

The other girls are fine this week, it is a little cooler and less humid which is always a good thing for Rosie.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's Five What?

It is 5:30am, yes am on a Sunday morning and I am blogging, are you kidding me? Anyway who knows me even slightly can probably tell you that I am not a morning person, I in no way resemble a morning person even at my very best. I am a night owl and normally the only way I would be blogging or even have my eyes open at this time of day is if I had stayed up the night before.
But, Miss Lily has an internal clock and during the week the hubby is up between now and 6am, so she is up and wanting to go out and then come in and play and do anything but go back to bed, so here we are. I'm blogging because I'm do not trust myself to knit at this hour and Lily is laying in the floor chewing on a chew bone. The hubby and the other two dogs...sound asleep in the bedroom. Although Molly did get up with us briefly to venture outside but once she was done and came back in she had enough sense to head straight back to the bedroom. LOL. I am hoping Lily outgrows this one day. But my little baby basset (2 1/2) is a morning dog, Ug!

In other news, I had to rip back part of the sweater sleeve again, I just don't know why I am cursed with this easy pattern, I keep making mistakes. It is like moths have taken control of the universe and are plotting against the knitters. They are causing all sorts of atmospheric disturbances that in turn cause knitters to do silly things like drop stitches and not notice it for six rows or something like that. Where is Jean Luc Picard when we need him? He can blast those Klingon-like moth creatures out of the Universe, making it safe for knitters everywhere.

Okay....hazards of blogging at too early an hour, the mind starts to come up with all sorts of crazy ideas.

I've called off the house hunting until next spring. Right now I don't think is a good time to sell my house, the houses around here have stopped coming up on the market and I don't want to put mine up and then have it sit for months. I live very close to two military bases and a commutable distance from two others, in the spring the military families will start moving again and I will have a better chance of selling this house. Plus, I think I just need a break from it.

This weekend is to be a productive weekend, I was helping the hubby load up some scrap wood and junk that needed to go to the landfill when I thought the driver side tire looked low, we thought, it was because of the weight of the stuff in the truck, so we went on. Come home and looked again, there was a philips head screw in my tire! So all productive activities at the house had to be stopped and off we went to the nearest tire place to have it fixed. They were great and had it fixed in about half an hour. I used that time to stop and nearby stores and pickup a few things for the home projects, we will now tackle that we plan not to put the house up. Things the realtors tell you not to worry about, but they bother me so now they get handled and hopefully the house will get a better price in the spring as well.

Wait....things are suddenly very quiet here, where's the basset hound?

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Great! now she is sleepy again. I'm awake in full blog mode had half a glass of rasberry soda to jolt me awake and she is on the ottoman looking sleepy. Silly dog.

So where was I? Houses and such, okay so taking a break from the house hunting thing. Applying for more professional position at work, keep your fingers crossed I'd hate to think this degree was for nothing.

I bought some scallops and shrimp at the grocery store yesterday so planning a little seafood feast tonight for dinner. Introducing the hubby to more and more seafood items. He recently discovered the joys of sea scallops.

We went to Bass Pro Shop yesterday I love that store they have everything! Including a variety of Crocs! I love Crocs! I for some strange reason managed to leave the the store yesterday without a pair though, not sure how that happened. They even had the new fleece lined ones for winter in already! Love'em!

Well, I'm starting to wake up a little more and the sun is coming up, maybe I could manage a few rows of knitting safely, now.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Well, it has been an interesting week. Molly went to the vet on Saturday for her routine senior blood test. I got a call to say she may have hypothyroid, I have to take her back Saturday to have more blood drawn because they didn't have enough left. If she does in fact have hypothyroid it should be able to be controlled with medication and she'll be fine.

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I also found out this week I didn't get a job I had been waiting to hear about. They were really nice about it and the Director called me personally to tell me. So overall, I've had better weeks. But, I've had worse, too.

It has been grey and rainy here all week. We had a little sun today but then it looked like rain again. I wish it would rain a little more I'm in the mood for a rainy day and some knitting or a good book.

Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday and my co-worker should be back to work and maybe things won't be so hectic.

My sweater is still moving slowly. I realized I had forgotten the stripe on the back so I had to rip back and added the stripe and on to the MC again. Hopefully it will start moving quickly now.

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Can you believe it?

It's Monday again, what the heck? This weekend was filled with decluttering tasks. And it seems the more a declutter the worse it gets, I don't understand it should be getting better. It is like that knitting black hole I get into sometimes you know.
I did manage some knitting this weekend. I was knitting along finally getting close to the end of the sleeves when I realized I had forgotten to put in a stripe in the back to match the one in the front. So I had to rip back like 15 rows, I can be such a dork sometimes!So I have two rows in of the off white stripe. Oh well, patience is a virtue!
I have to run few errands at lunch so no knitting to be accomplished today at lunch. It is overcast and gray today. Just the sort of day to curl up with some yummy knitting or even a book. Anything that would let me stay home today would be nice. LOL.
Work is not where I want to be today. But, on the bright side, there is a house I am going to look at tomorrow. Maybe this will be the "one" but then I have to put mine on the market and try to sell it. That is scarier than buying in my opinion.

Oh a co-worker just came back from Maine and brought back these yummy yummy chocolate covered blueberries. The are totally addictive.

Well, not much else happening here, so happy knitting everyone.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Its Friday... lalalalala!

Well, I'm not sure where the week went, I feel like I am in some sort of time warp. I stayed home on Wednesday and literally knitted on the sweater all day! And it doesn't look like I have gotten any further than I was when I started. I did two rows in the car yesterday, and one this morning. But where they are I have no idea, I can't see any progress on this thing, it is driving me nuts! Did I mention this was supposed to be a project for someone without a lot of time. What sort of clock do they use? Seriously! I have so many other projects just bursting out of the stash bin it isn't even funny. I haven't started on the holidays yet?!
I missed my Dogs on Thursday post again, how does that happen to me? It isn't like I can forgot about my little dev.. I mean angels. We had one heck of a storm last night and it bothered Rosie for some reason, she started panting LOUDLY at 1am so I thought perhaps she was too hot, so I encouraged her to get off the bed and go lay in the floor in front of one of many fans on in the room. But instead she insisted on trying to fit her 50lbs of bulldog self under my little three legged night stand. You can imagine the scene right? She panting loudly it is not reverbrating off the bottom of the table which has a phone and several books balanced on it and the hubby trying to sleep. So I coax out from under the table but now I am awake and so is the basset hound, so up I get. Let her outside because she is whining, but she sees the rain and doesn't want to go out. Now the Golden is up she goes out. And i'm wide awake. Then the thunder sounded like it was right on top of the house and it shook the windows.
I also tried spinning on Wednesday I can honestly say that was not successful. Need more practice. I got it to spin, but I think I have it too tight it kept breaking. So I will try and try again.
Since I have on real knitting progress to report, I will leave you with some puppy cuteness.
This is Lily when she was about 2 1/2 months old.

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This is Lily now at 2 1/2 years.
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, Monday

I have been away from the blog this weekend. I didn't even turn my computer on yesterday. It was a beautiful weekend here compared to the heat and humidity we endured last week. It was in the 80s with very low humidity, I did my best to stay outside and enjoy it as much as possible. It was very eventful weekend.
First it was my birthday, one of those milestone birthdays you'd really rather not to think too much about. So we went out to celebrate and the hubby gave me a new sewing machine! Woot! A Kenmore, I'm very exciting and already planning little projects to try out on it. I have no sewing experience to speak of so this will be fun. Learning lots of new skills this year.
Friday night when we got home we had to move our cars because the neighbors across the street were having a large tree cut down and we didn't want to take a chance on anything hitting one of the cars. In the process of pulling my car up in front of my nieghbor next door's house I notice water running in the yard. Turns out they have a broken water pipe and couldn't get anyone to fix it until either today or tomorrow and so they have been without water since Friday night. We are letting them use ours of course, they are a retired couple and I am just glad it wasn't the electricity that went out and they not have AC. So we have had all sorts of exciting things going on.
I got lots of knitting done on the sweater, but had to rip it back to the collar and start over for the back. Then I sat it down on the tablem next to my "knittin" chair and got up to do something. I came back and the ball of yarn connected to my sweater was strung across three rooms! Lily had struck! Luckily there was no basset slobber on it but now I have a wad of yarn to try to untangle for my sweater. Ug! This is her second offense in this area and she is getting ready to puppy jail if she does it again! I am going to not let her in the room when I am knitting. Of course I could have put it back in my bag but I was only going to be away for a minute or so. Good grief. I'm lucky she didn't decide she liked the sweater too!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!
Happy Knitting.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

It has been so hot here over 100, I haven't let the dogs out much, just for necessary trips. They aren't interested in staying out there either. But I did manage a couple of pictures of Lily and Molly in the backyard this week.

They are enjoying laying around the house in the cool air and Lily takes her toys from room to room with her. We call it Lily's moving and hauling. She puts as many toys in her mouth at once and moves them to another room. I will try to get a picture of that!

Molly and Lily
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Rosie at her second favorite past time, eating.
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend Update

Well, it has been a good weekend despite nothing really going as planned, which is fairly typical around here; you get used to it.
I am trying to find our RV a new home and ended up waiting on a guy who called to see if anyone was going to be home so he and his wife could come by and then never showed. Great, so I missed the nursing home and play day at the farm waiting on this guy, thanks.
But, on the bright side I got the fleece I scoured all carded and ready for spinning while I was waiting so time was not wasted.
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I got some knitting done this weekend too, still working on the sweater that is supposed to knit up "so fast" I guess maybe for a sweater it is, but my frame of refernce for quick projects are socks and ties and this isn't as fast as either of them. But still coming along.
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It is from July issie of Creative Knitting. It is a garter rib stitch pattern, which is easy to do and lends itself to my being able to do it in the car or while watching a movie, but I think the repetition of it makes it seem like it is dragging along. I am working on the sleeves now and soon will be ready to shape the neck, then it will be down the back we go!

It has been really hot again this weekend and no rain, all the plants look sad and wilted despite out best efforts to keep them watered. The elephant ear plants that usually grow so large in the pots out back are stunted in size. But still pretty.
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Last night we had a pretty moon even if it wasn't full, but my lens just isn't powerful enough to get a good shot. I am going to have to get the hubby to set up the telescope and try to use that to get better pictures. But, you can use your imagination a little here.
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Surprisingly it was clear and no ring around it. Today has been so gray and the tempature with the humidity oppressive, we had thunder a little while ago and it just barely rained and that was it.

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Well maybe later this evening we will get more, on the weather radar it is all around us but nothing here. I'm convinced we have some sort of rain resistant bubble over our city this summer because everywhere seems to be getting some rain and even hail and we get nothing. Needless to say I didn't go much outside today. Other than use the heat to dry laundry super fast and talked to a neighbor while it rained a little and we both enjoyed the feel of the rain and what little breeze came with it.

I needed up helping the hubby replace three electrical outlets today, an unplanned chore, because one went bad and knocked the other two out so we thought best to replace them all. The wiring was done in a manner not to his liking and we have been replacing outlets as we go around this house. The wires come loose and causes problems. So we went up to the hardware store bought a box of outlets and came home and got to work. Of course, at first we weren't sure which outlet was causing the problem in the room we use as an office so we had to check them all, time consuming.
But, all is well now, so a good job done by all there.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, keep the bridge victims in your thoughts and prayers.

Happy Knitting

Friday, August 3, 2007

Dogs on Thursday?

Okay, I am an terrible blogger, I let the week get away from me and forgot to post yesterday! I apologies. I even had photos ready to enhance the blogging!
So today is Knitting, Dogs and Life Friday! whoohoo!

First, the girls have been pretty good this week. We did have one minor doggy argument that needed intervention at 2 in the morning but it was over quickly and without further incident. You'd think a king size bed would be big enough for a basset and a bulldog but apparently not!

This weekend is doggy weekend. Molly and Lily are going to the vet for routine check ups and shots, then later in the day off to visit the nursing home and if they are good, over to Bedlamb farm for a romp in the field and to roll in sheepy stuff!

During the week I did manage to get a great action shot of Lily doing her Basset 500 in the morning when she was supposed to be quiet so that her Daddy could sleep in, no chance of that!

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She is spinning around trying to get Molly to chase her. Silly dog!

On the knitting front, the sweater is active again, now that I have finsihed the HP book. I got a row and a half done on the way to work this morning and hopefully will get some done at lunch. But I have a couple of errands to run so I don't have to do them on the way home and I have some that have to be done then so trying to reduce my time out this evening so I can get home and let the dogs out.

I have started the sleeves of the sweater and it is going nicely. I didn't really understand the instructions when it said to cast on at the beginning of the next two rows, it just didn't work, so I cast on at the end of the next two rows and that seems to be working just fine. I am enjoying working on this sweater and will use this pattern again.

Hope everyone is planning a wonderful weekend for themselves!
Happy Knitting