Monday, June 25, 2007

Finished the Hoodie! WHHOOHOOO!

So Saturday I got up early and finished the hoodie. It turned out okay, but I still don't like the hood on it and will have to figure out a better hood design for the next one. But, as a beach or pool cover up I think it will do just fine.
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I blocked in on Sunday and tonight will package it up with the tank top and baby jacket and send it on its way.

I was going to start the second baby bog jacket but my hubby has taken a liking to knit ties. Which is fine with me, so I pulled out some stash yarn and am halfway through a tie for him. I plan to make him several. I like ties, they are easy and mindless and you can do them without having to concentrate too hard. Perfect for on the go knitting.

I am making him one now from Lorna's hand painted in Forest colorway. I looked up a pattern on Lion Brand and the basics are fine, but had to adjust for different yarn and needle gauge. But so far it is working out just fine.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing work related activities, laundry, painting, cleaning etc. We are still without rain here and today had warning of severe storms with hail but never saw any of it. In fact the sun was out while I was knitting on my lunch break today. We really could use some rain. The grass is drying up.

Well onward to make dinner.
Happy Knitting!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Finished the hoodie...then frogged the hood

I stayed up last night finishing up the hoodie or so I thought. But, I didn't like the way the hood part turned out even thought I triple checked the pattern, it just didn't look right, so I started frogging the hood at 7:30 this morning. I also realized that I sewed the right sleeve on upside down! UG! So I had to undo the seaming this morning as well. I plan to reattach the sleeve at lunch as that will not take very long and finish frogging the hood and knitting that up my way. I'm not sure what that is since I have never knitted a hood before, but I have an idea how it should look and the pattern isn't cutt'n it! So on to my own creative thoughts on the matter of the hood.

Work so far today is slow. We have 8 people out of the office this morning, that is half the staff. Two are on vacation, two are at meetings, the rest are out sick.
It is so quiet around here you could hear a knitting needle drop.

This weekend is promising to be a busy one.
Have more preparing the house for sale activities, need to take the dogs to visit the nursing home, need to gather up some junk/stuff to take to the city dump as part of the house for sale soon (i hope) additives but this involves the garage so I count it as a separate category. With all the stuff in there you would too!
I hopefully with finish the hoodie and get it blocked so that It can be packaged up with the tank top Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket and the baby bog jacket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketand sent off to three darling little children. And I can start the next baby bog jacket for the other little baby in the family.
I need to start washing my wool I got last weekend. The bags of freshly sheered wool in the garage are driving Molly nuts!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My foot is not being cooperative today, it is bugging me. So that is distracting and irritating all at the same time.
I really could use a break and I have to wait for another week and then I have five days off! Five whole days! Oh I can't wait!
What shall I do? The possibilities are endless really. I hope to be able to go out of town at least for one day. But not sure with all the house hunting and hubbies new job if that will be a reality or not. But at the very least I will get lots of knitting done. One day I think I will set up the lawn/picnic tent and sit outside and knit or spin or both.
I hope everyone else is planning a relaxing, enjoyable or exciting weekend. Take your knitting with you, knitting in public doesn't have to happen only once a year.

Happy Knitting

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Half Way There

Well, we are half way through the week, the weekend is looming like the light at the end of the tunnel. I am looking forward to it, more so than usual, it has been a long week so far. One of my final activities last weekend was to in my typical graceful way, fall down the steps and break my foot. It has been very uncomfortable and I haven't been able to sleep well. Last night was the worst for some reason. I couldn't get comfortable with my foot and I felt like the room was stuffy. Lily and I ended up going in the other room as not to keep everyone awake all night. The couch is not a particularly comfy but what is at this point.

The good news, yes there is good news here....I finished the knitting of the hoodie. I plan to start piecing together at lunch time today. That is if I don't stretch out in the truck and take a nap, which is highly possible. Since I have put off running errands I really have to stop by the store on the way home this evening or my poor hubby might starve. So the nap is tempting, but I really want to get this hoodie done also. Oh decisions decisions!

Okay, I was talking about knitting, must focus on knitting not napping! If I can get this hoodie pieced together today and blocked by tomorrow, then I can start on my next Baby Bog Jacket in pastel yellow for my other cousin's baby! All my cousin's seem to have babies! But that is okay good practice on baby clothes.

I also found a place local that offers spinning classes. But the next one in July I can't attend due to a board meeting after work so the next one isn't until August and I didn't want to wait that long. But I will probably go ahead and start trying my hand at spinning and take the class in August I'm sure I will still learn a lot from it. Thanks Margaret.

Lots of folks are traveling these days, makes me yearn for green pastures! Check out Amanda and The Yarn Harlot, they both have amazing pictures of Maine and Alaska!

Happy Knitting Everyone!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

WOOL! - Updated

I got some feed back from Terri and I have some clarication on some of the wool in the bags. The bag with the beautiful dark reddish/brown black wool, my fav is actually from Black Mountain crosses in Elizabeth City, NC. Love it! The white wool is from Romney
and Rombouillet crosses in her flock! Sweet! Rombouillet = Merino!

In the group photo below are some hair sheep with are Katahdins. And Baxter the baby is a cross as well.

I thank Terri for the info because if I want to make sure I have my facts correct, but hey Terri, they are still very cool sheep! And I love them all!

Orginial Post:
Well this has been a fun weekend. First and foremost I want to thank Terri Chisman of Bedlamb Bestieary for the wool! Love the wool.
Molly and I hopped in the truck and headed out to Bedlamb traffic was terrible for some unknown reason (no accidents or anything) So we arrived later than we planned by 30 minutes but all was well.
We were greeted by Pam, teacher, software guru, manager for Bedlamb extrodinaire! And invited out to the field. The field is several acres and boasts a pond. Molly being the retriever that she is, doesn't like water. There is also a ditch a fairly deep and narrow one. Molly found that, three times. She did finally wade around in the pond some to cool off. See below:

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As you can see she enjoyed herself getting wet and muddy and chasing birds.
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Pam and I just hung out discussing our theories on the upcoming Harry Potter book while Molly played.
Then Pam mentioned they had a lamb! Sweet! Terri joined us and led the way to the paddock with the sheep. Terri's flock consists of Corriedales and Welsh Black Mountain sheep.

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One in particular, Bonnie is quite friendly and very fond of Terri's granola bars!

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I mentioned the lamb, he is a Welsh Black Mountain and very frisky, he thinks he is going to grow up to be an agility sheep!

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Terri is dog trainer extrodinaire and the sheep were helping to keep the grass mowed in her agility ring! I think she is on to something there.

So the three of us, the sheep and Molly had a great time and Terri gave me two bags of wool! I as so excited. One of the bags must weigh 10lbs! I'm sure some of that is hay and field debris but that is a lot of wool!

She gave me both Welsh Black and Corriedale! I can't thank her enough! I think this is totally awesome!
Here is some samples I pulled from the bags with morning:

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My husband doesn't quite understand how a bag of wool can make someone so giddy, but I know you guys understand and know that I'm not some nut who would rather get up in the morning and smell the fresh scent of wool than coffee. Okay, maybe I am but you know it's nothing to have me committed over. LOL.

So now the spinning adventure begins. I have checked out a couple of books on the subject of spinning from the library I found a book at Barnes and Noble last night and I local spinning and weaving club. So one way or the other I will learn to spin this precious wool! Let the adventure begin! I can't wait to spin it all up and knit something extradinary with it. I love the black wool the colors are so rich and both the Black and the Corriedale is so soft and springy!

I also managed to working on the hoodie last night as well. Today is painting day, so hubby is working on that right now and I will have to join him shortly but just had to share my good fortune with you.

Love to Pam and Terri! And all the donors! :-)

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

Semi Sweet

I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Due to a minor miscommunication, the wool will not be ready until next Saturday, which is good because that will give me time to read the books I checked out of the library on who to prepare and spin the wool. LOL.
Also, gives me time to order the necessary supplies. It isn't like I haven't known Terri was going to be shearing soon, I've just sort of been preoccupied and never got around to spending the necessary amount of money for the wheel and carders etc.
But that also gives me something to look forward to next weekend as well.
I still went out to her farm and Lily still got to play a little bit so it was good and we stopped at the nursing home on the way too, so it was a really good day.

I have finished the front of the hoodie and will start shaping the neck on the way home this evening. Then onto the sleeves. I can't believe how easy and quickly this project is going. I hope to have it all together by next weekend.

Tonight on the way home we are going to look at another house. This is the house I have written about before (at least I think I have) that the realtor is renovating and is really encouraging us to take a look at it. It really looks bad right now from the outside. The inside still has some junk in it that the previous owner decided to leave in it and allow the folks doing the renovations to trash it for her. Nice huh? But I want to get a feel for the layout of the house. I mean if this is the "one" then I can go ahead and let them know we want it and they tell us we can be involved in the renovation decisions like colors for the counter tops etc.
The location as far as proximity to work is only 4 miles can't beat that! The neighbor is older and is a mix of owners and renters so someplaces look in better conidition than others. Which is fine. I'd rather risk having a neighbor who didn't cut their grass as often as I do instead of living in an HOA controlled area. So that is the trade off.
I'll keep you posted on how this goes. Once again I am camera-less you think it would be permently residing my my car by now.

I'll post tomorrow what I find out about the house tonight.

Oh and I won a contest over at Knit Playground. Check out that blog. It is really nice. Erica has a nice blog and the cutest teddy bear she knitted. She was having a contest to name her bear and myself and three other people won! I'll post pics of my prize when it arrives. How cool is that?

Happy Knitting.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Super Sweet Saturday

Okay, for a brief period today I was feeling sort of bummed at the thought that my big plans for the day were to go to the grocery store and the hardware store.
I know there are worse things in life, but you have to understand I have a very strong distain for grocery shopping, I don't have the patience for for I tell you. People clogging up the aisle because they just can't decide which box of cerel to buy, or picking up each and every package of meat to see which one they want. I mean please, have you never bought cerel or meat before? Not to pick on the meat eating folks but you vegans are just as bad over a freaking orange okay? And the families, is it really necessary that the "whole" family go shopping, I mean six kids and three baskets is a traffic jam waiting to happen is it not? That oldest looking one with the piercing couldn't stay home and babysit half of the others? Its like this I have a list, I have been in this store before I know where everything is. I need to two things and two things only, and that is get in and get out. Please clear a path people!

Okay I seemed to have gotten a little carried away, shopping isn't my thing as you can see.
So with all of that to look forward to today I was thinking I needed something fun to do. I started the day with a little knitting, always a good way to start the day.
Then I decided to play on the computer a little, and in my inbox I had it! Yes! My invitation to join Raverly! Well, that took care of the afternoon right there! I immediately logged in and began photographing and logging my stash, my projects, past and present I was a computing fool! I was having such a great time, the hubby kept coming in to check on me and shaking his head as he left each time, after asking silly silly questions like "why are you taking pictures of the yarn?" Duh! to keep track of my stash! Silly husbands! Bet he can't pick out an orange either, poor dear.
Anyway, so having completed that task and deciding to take a break before entering my inventory of hooks and needles I checked my other email account....and lo an email from the lady who helped train my dogs. She raises sheep no less! And said that if I come out to the farm tomorrow there will be a bag of wool with my name on it! Are you freaking kidding me!? A bag of raw wool, freshly sheared by her from her sheep! I can't wait!
I'll take some pics of the donors for sure.
Now the fun part will be what the heck to do with it. I realize I have to wash it, there is a thing called skirting, not sure what that is, then I have to card it and spin it! Spinning! Unbelievable. I have to learn to spin. I have to buy a spinning wheel!
What? What do you mean when am I going to have time to learn to wash, card and spin raw wool, while trying to paint and declutter my house and look for a new one?
I figure I can shave a couple hours off the sleep time. I mean I havent' really been sleeping that great anyway and why lay there unproductive in bed at 4 in the morning when I could be spinning! Yeah that's what I'll do!
And you were worried! LOL.
So 4am spinning, 6am get ready for work, 7am hit the road and knit until I arrive at work. Lunch time look at houses, 5pm hit the road for home, more knitting. Evenings, care for dogs, hubby, dinner, household chores, bed. Simple, see I have it all worked out!
Now, I have to go buy carders and a spinning wheel,
Ideas, suggestions, thoughts are welcome!

On the knitting front: I am working on the front of the hoodie. I actually watched a movie this morning (I have to return it today)and got some morning knitting done. Here are pictures of the back waiting to be attached and the front in progress.
By the way the movie was Bobby, well done, but very depressing I thought. Makes me glad I was only 1 year old when all of that was going down. Geeze.
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Happy Knitting!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hoodie and other things

The hooded sweatshirt is coming along pretty fast. I have just a few more rows and the back will be finished. It sure doesn't look big enough for a size 8 boy but what do I know. The yarn is so soft and again it is an acrylic blend, due to allergies in the family. It is a pretty blue I will take pictures of the back and hopefully be able to capture the color and show you. I will also get the official name of the yarn when I get home.

Alas, no knitting at lunch today. I decided to surprise the hubby and I met him for lunch. It was nice we had a sort of impromptu picnic with sandwiches and then went for a walk around Colonial Williamsburg. I wish I had my camera with me today, they have some new oxen I have not seen before very different than the ones they normally have and I wanted to get pictures of them. They were quite huge!
It is also very warm here today around 90F I think. I was feeling it by the time we got back that is for sure. So consquently no knitting. But I can get some done on the way home tonight. Been so busy in the evenings havn't had much chance to sit and knit. It was 9pm last night before I was able to pick up the needles. But hey time is time.

I have painting to do this weekend again. But we are getting closer to getting this stuff finished and I will be so happy. I'm ready to get this ball moving. I am getting tired of the house hunting, my attention span for this sort of thing isn't very long.

Also yesterday was our 12th wedding anniversary! Doesn't seem like 12 years at all. We didn't do anything terribly special, too many other things going on right now. And I did get a lovely ring for our 10th year so that should hold me for a while. LOL.

Well I hope everyone is staying cool if your hot and warm if your cool today.
Happy Knitting,

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Finished the Tank Top!

Woot! I think it come out alright. Sizing is tricky without the model to try it on. LOL.
I have started the hooded pull over for my cousin's son. I am using a baby soft yarn and a very loose stitch pattern to make it useful for summer (hopefully) something he can use in the evenings or after hopping out of the pool. The tank was easier than I thought it would be.
Ribbing on the bottom and the top around the neck line. Icord straps and the rest just garter stitch.

Here is the tank in girly hot pink!
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Heres a view of the stitch patterns worked in the project.
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The hoodie is not being working in the round, I'm not sure how to convert the instructions to circulars, so I am going to try my hand and piecing it together when it is done.

My friend in PA got her socks! whoohoo and she liked them, even better! LOL. I will have to make her some more and try a toe up pattern.

I took the day off, I don't know if it is allergies or the summer cold that seems to be plaguing my office but I felt awful this morning. I have to admit I am feeling better now. Not 100% but better. The day is beautiful, it is sunny, breezy and I am getting so much done dispite not feeling that great.
I took some great pictures out in the back yard in between hanging clothes on the line.
Here is Lily being cute!
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Here are one of the few clouds floating by out there today. Beautiful blue skies, reminds me of a BJ Anderson painting.
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The Tiger Liles are opening up! They are so pretty!
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We had thunderstorms last night but not very much rain. I hope we get a little more. All the plants drank up the rain we did get. My elephant ear plants are poking their heads up, well some of them are still being shy.
I can't wait for everything to get into full bloom.

I hope everyone else is having a lovely day as well!
Happy Knitting!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Totally Bummed

Well I got a call from the realtor, they house that I liked from yesterday already has a contract on it.

Here's the short story: The house is a cape cod with wrap around porch, it is currently divided into three apartments. This would require us to remove on small portion of a wall to reopen a door and remove the kitchen applinces. Not a big deal in my opinion. Otherwise the house is adorable! All kinds of nooks and crannies.
But, as my agent and I pulled up to the house the listing agent was just finishing up with some other clients. They apparently beat me to it.
The person who owns this house owns several others on the same street but they will be priced out of my range when they come on the market.

So today I went and looked at another house, but it was a no go.
So back to the drawing board and waiting for this house my realtor is buying and renovating and I have first dibs on if I like it. But the thing is I haven't been in it yet.
It certainly as a lot of potential, but most definitly needs a lot of work. It hasn't been well cared for. But the timing might be better and the price maybe be more to my liking. So hopefully I can get in there to see it next week before renovations start.
This whole process is stressing me out and it shouldn't. I haven't been sleeping and I'm a little tired which makes my stress level go up. I don't mean to sound whiney.

On the brighter side I have started the arm holes of the tank top I'm working on.

Happy Weekend!