Thursday, May 31, 2007

The first actual viewing of houses

I am going today on my lunch break to look at two houses. I don't know why I am doing this, my house is not ready to have people come and see it; and I have to sell it in order to buy anything. But one of the houses is a house I really love. It has been on the market but out of my range, but yesterday they dropped the price! So I am going to go take a look, if it is half as cute outside as it is inside, I am in big trouble. I will have to put it in hyperdrive to finish the painting in my current house!And I just have no idea what I will get offered for my house and will it be enough to cover the cost or enough of the cost of this house.
All of this uncertainy is driving me crazy. I have never bought or sold a house before so the entire process is so new to me.

With regards to knitting:
I'm still working on the tank. I finised frogging the ribbing. Note to self do not frog from the cast on unless you have a love for pulling each individual stich out one by one.
I'm ready to start the arm holes now. I didn't get any knitting done on the commute this morning, I won't get any done at lunch, because of the house hunting adventure scheduled for that time. And this evening I have a thing after work.
I will be ready to crash when I get home. I have been so incredibly tired lately. Making it even harder to getting stuff done.

Happy Knitting everyone!

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Close of a Long Weekend.... seems sad really. To have had such lovely weather and been so productive and to have it all come screeching to a halt by a four day work week! But hey, could be a five day work week so we have to take life's little gifts when we get them! So what did I do with weekend that was so productive well lets see. It really started earlier in the week.

Took the RV for inspection, it needed new exhaust. The place doing the inspection doesn't do exhaust work, which begs the question how do they know it needs a new one, but back to the story. So I pick it up, take it back to Hampton, find a place that does exhaust work, but so that I do not have to pay the price of inspection again, I have to drive it back to the original place and let them see all the new shiny pipes under the RV. I accomplished this on Saturday morning.

Other things I did on Saturday:
While waiting for the RV to be re-inspected I walked across the street to the post office and mailed my friend her socks. I call them ugly socks even though they are what the pattern called for. I hope she doesn't think they are too ugly and enjoys them though. I will try to find a more likable pattern next time. I also ran to the grocery store, not, do you hear me not, my favorite thing to do and on a Saturday of a holiday day weekend? Seriously, what was I thinking? But, turns out it wasn't so crowded afterall. Also, bought bags, of mulch and some plants for the flower beds. I bought bags of mulch because the orchard and garden center that I normally buy mulch from in the form of a scoop of a front end loader, has decided that they will no longer sell only one scoop you must buy two. Well this would have been fine if I hadn't bought one scoop from them already last month and now needed a second, but not a total of three. So if your in the Hampton City area, do not try to buy mulch at Woods Orchard unless you really need a lot of it. So I bought mulch in bags and it work just fine. I actually had some left over and gave it to my neighbor.
I of course, came home and planted said plants and spread said mulch. See below:

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I spread some more around some existing plantings like the jasmine and roses:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Was painting, painting and more painting of one of the bedrooms. I am hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon and really hope we find a suitable buyer and a house really soon too.

Was change the oil in the RV day, you may ask yourself perhaps the people who do inspections but not exhaust work could have done that. I have asked that as well. Apparently it is just something hubby enjoys, so no problem, we got it done.
I then worked on sprucing up the RV for sale also. Then went to visit the nursing home with Lily the therapy dog and ran some more errands on the way home.

On the knitting front I got very little done; except for frogging I was just ready to start the arm holes on this little tank up and still the ribbing was bugging me. So I decided to frog it. But not the whole bodice part, I went down to the cast on and started frogging backwards from there, that is taking an unexpected about of time and patience. Will keep you posted.

Hope all had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Knitting.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Reasons why to hang up when talking to the mechanic

Okay, so this week is going to test me I realize that. I have to pony up and deal with it. No problem. I have a library of resources in my head for dealing with various situations. Stress at work, get out of the office for at least an hour. Stress at home, go in to "my" room and do something, or take the dog for a walk for at least an hour. Lots of things on your mind all at once, knit. Stuck in traffic, knit ( as long as hubby is driving)
This morning I dropped the RV off to have its exhaust leak repaired. I made a mistake and thought the repair shop opened at 7am, it opened at 8am. I was on my way to work I couldn't go home and come back so I made the decision to leave the keys in it unlocked and go on. The hubby was not at all pleased with this idea, but having no alternative, chose to go along and only mildly grumble about my choice of hiding places for the keys. So I knit.
When I call the mechanic at 8am to tell him why there is an RV in his parking lot and what needs to be fix and he responds with silence, I begin to wonder if he is still there. I say hello, again, he says oh i'm sorry I was distracted by the car in the parking lot that is on fire. Hmm, your mechanic tells you he is watching a car burn in his parking lot, this is not something I deal with regularly nor I imagine many of us do, so here's a tip, if your on the phone with your mechanic discussing some mundane repair for your vehicle and he is watching a car burn while being kind enough to listen to your problems, hang up!
Someone is obviously is having a rougher day than you are.
No chance that burning car was parked next to the RV saving me the cost of repairs and the headache of selling it. Okay that was a little twisted thought I know but I just took my first sip of caffine for the morning and it is nearly 10am. I am not responsible for my thoughts at this time.

on the knitting front, despite having so many other things going on right now I am getting an amazing amount of knitting done. The pink tank top is coming along nicely and with any luck will have it finished by this weekend's end. (Again, it is the lack of caffine) I got about two hours worth of knitting done last night and more this morning on the way to work. I plan to do more at lunch time if possible.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Introducing Wellington!

He is a Leicester Longwool and part of the rare breed program at Colonial Williamsburg. The folks at CW are committed to protecting and breeding these wonderful woolies. He is the new official mascot for my blog.

Here he is cuddling with some of the stash. Notice the Knitting Sisters
bag in the back.

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The girls are facinated by this handsome fellow.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He is going to be popping up in all kinds of places to be on the look our for "where's Wellington?"

As promised here is a picture of the ugly socks. The white whiskers belong to Lily.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

They aren't pretty but I'm sure my friend will know they were made with love and in time I might be able to make prettier ones. LOL.

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, are we there yet?

Seriously, could this week just be anymore tortorous? First of all it is dragging! Second of all I am really starting to stress about the selling of the house thing and the buying a house thing because every house I see that I like is already under contract! Not that my house is anywhere near ready to show but still it is the point of it all.
So then this morning we take the drop the RV off for its routine inspection and guess what it needs exhaust work and guess what the place that is inspecting it can't do it! So now I have to go pick up the RV take it home and then take it to another place tomorrow for the exhaust work. I am really hating this RV right now and will not be able to sell it fast enough. Not that it isn't a problem child but the problem is that not many places around here work on RVs because of their size so I have to find a place that can inspect it, then a place that can do exhaust work on an RV and then find some sort of magic potion to deal with all this pain in the neck stress. I am just not in the mood for all this drama right now I have too many other things to do.
There is work drama this week, I try to stay as far away from it as possible but it is not always possible. I refuse to get dragged into this sort of thing, but sometimes it is very hard to avoid.
Well let me see have I done enough complaining yet? I think so.

I'm going to knit something pink at lunchtime!
Happy Knitting.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I finished the sock, it is currently being blocked and will get shipped out this week. I'm totally excited, however, they have been dubbed the "ugly socks" I will post a pic (maybe) I followed the pattern exactly, double checked and frogged it twice to ensure accuracy. They are still ugly. I don't know why I can't figure it out. They are a nice wine color but I don't know ugly as homemade sin.
I had another pair of socks that I had run out of yarn for and found something close, never did find the exact match despite the best efforts of the ladies at Knitting Sisters. They are for Larry and they look a little more stylish.

I have started a kidlet tank top by Boogie Knits, I have chosen a hot pink for my cousin's oldest daughter. I am working on the 2x2 ribbing, I am not a fan right now if the ribbing I have frogged it twice already.

I have found an extra 45 minutes a day for knitting! Yes! My hubby started a new job today not far from where I work so we are now carpooling. He drove today so I was able to sit back and knit the whole way to work! Awesome! Since I was dropped off at work and no means for going anywhere at lunch time so I will have some time at lunch for more knitting!

Well that is all for now, happy knitting!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I've Been Tagged by Amanda!

Here's the deal: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Seven Random Facts:

1. Love animals, currently have three dogs, two of which are therapy dogs.

2. I love iguanas and miss my ig, Darwin.

3. Started knitting in December of 2006 and I am completely hooked.

4. Love all types of music (almost) depending on my mood anythime from the Beastie Boys to Wayne Newton.

5. Have been cross stitching since I was 14. ( a very long time ago)

6. I asked my husband out on our first date.

7. I'm totally into knitting childrens clothes!

Next to be tagged are: Bron, Lucy, Mary, Lori, (I can't think of anyone else at the moment I will tag some more folks later.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Secret Pal

I signed up for the secret pal and knit a long for Interweave Knits new book No Sheep for You. The requirements are to send a secret pal a ball of non-wool yarn in June and again in July. I think this is going to be great fun. I have only used wool, acrylic and cotton so the chance to try something different is fun and exciting!
I sent my secret pal and introduction email and can't wait for June to send my SP a package with yarn!

It's Wednesday and it looks wonderful outside. I am torn as to what to do on my lunch break today, walk in the woods or knit? The sock is half way done. I've turned the heel and ready to start the foot. I plan to have that ready to send off this weekend!

Projects in prepartion for selling the house are in full swing. Tonight is rip the carpet out of the closets in the bedroom night. Dinner will have to be a low maintenance dish like steamed rice and something. Something I can do while hubby rips carpet and I sand floors.

We bought the largest bucket of white paint they sell at the do it yourself center and will be painting the remainder of the week and weekend. I want to be ready to sell and pounce if "the" house should present itself.

I had one I liked but it is already under contract which is a real bummer because without seeing the inside, it was really cute! And I really had a good feeling about that house gave me the warm and fuzzies. But there will be others I'm sure.

I'll keep you posted on my house hunting adventures!

Happy Knitting!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lackluster Monday

I am having a lackluster day. Not sure why I can't put my finger on any one thing and say okay this is causing me to have a bad day. But I feel cranky for no real reason. I am supposed to go the nursing home this evening and not at all in the mood to deal with that. In the mean time the hubby is going to pick up a small vat of white paint so that we may proceed to paint all that surrounds us in our house in preparation of selling the thing. I am quite motivated in this are and going to the nursing home will only take away from the time I could spend painting or tossing away stuff I have no intention of packing up and moving.
I called about a house I found that is so cute and sort of cottage"y" but it is under contract, of course! But the agent said if it didn't go through she could call me. Well I have about two more weeks worth of work to do around my house so maybe the timing was off.
Also, I have a co-worker who is very interested in buying my house, but while that would be super convenient for me, because I wouldn't have to list the property with an agent and worry about people tramping through the house, I worry it could make things weird at work. Maybe I'm just paranoid. But the yarn told me to be careful, you should pay close attention to signs from the yarn, it is wise and could make your knitting life hell if you don't.
The weekend was okay despite being a long weekend. I had Friday off and stayed home all day and did stuff like clean out closets and do laundry. Saturday we took all the stuff I removed from the closet to the good will store and donated it. Sunday in the morning the weather was just awful, only in the low 60s, with strong winds and overcast. I took a nap.
I did manage to finish the sock, and start is mate. I got three inches done yesterday, five if you count the two I had to frog.
I started the heel flap today at lunch. The second one really does go much faster than the first, who knew?!
I can't wait to drop them in the mail to my dear friend.
Well, happy knitting.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Weekend is Nearly Here!

Well, I haven't been able to get on the computer as much as I would have like this week. It is a short work week as our office is closed tomorrow for the Jamestown 400 celebration, and in typical short week fashion it has been a killer.
It has not been my best week of work and I'm looking forward the the weekend to try and forget about it.
I am so close to finishing this sock but I just got too tired last night to get there. So between preparing the house so that we can put it up for sale and a ham radio contest this weekend I plan to get this sock finished and its mate started.
So much going on right now it is hard to know where to start!

More later.....

Monday, May 7, 2007

The Weekend

Well, I spent a lot of time on the radio this weekend. (see other blog for details there) but I did manage to turn the heel on a sock and start down the foot. I should have it done by tomorrow to start its mate. I am liking the way they are turning out this time. I completed it once already didn't like it and frogged the whole thing; but it was worth it. I have to get these socks finished and shipped out because I can't let myself start another baby jacket until they are done. They were sidelined because of the first baby jacket.

It was a crazy weekend as far as the weather, ours not nearly as bad at in the mid west, prayers for those folks in Kansas!
But we had rain on Saturday and then Sunday blues skies and wind, lots of wind at up 50mph sometimes. It was weird, still windy today too. And it was only 48 degrees when I got up this morning! What is up with that it is May for crying out loud!

Work is slow today Mondays usually are for some reason. Fridays are the crazy days around here.

Well Happy Knitting.

Friday, May 4, 2007

I'm so surprised!

I shared pics of the baby jacket with some friends who knew I was learning how to knit one. I thought it came out pretty good, but was truly shocked when they started asking me if I would make one for them or their child!
Wow, I was like "uh sure" So I know have an order for one adult and 6 baby/toddler jackets!
Guess I better get to knitt'n! LOL

And it's Friday whoohoo! The weekend is here, the Queen is in town, many of my co-workers got to see her this morning. Our office had ticekts and we had a lottery for who would get to go see her and the Vice President.

I'm holding down the fort here as you can see, but I watched the live feed it looked nice.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Baby Bog Jacket

I finished the bog jacket. It turned out really nice I think. The buttons match nicely, they are by So Girly. The yarn is Lion Brand , color Salem. It is varigated pink, purple, yellow and green.

I made it a little bigger because my cousins little one is 2 years old. It has little ruffles in the back to make room for a diaper.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It has been a productive day. I put the buttons on the jacket at work, came home trimmed Molly up with the clippers and helped Larry cut the grass.

But, now I am too tired to even blog.
Happy Knitting