Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Warmer Weather

I love it! It is 85 at 9:30 in the morning! Toasty! We had a little rain shower last night so this morning all the flowers are just popping with color. The azaleas, fushia, red and white the petunias I just planted, red, white and purple. And the tiger lilies are growing but not yet flowering! I even has a few red roses blooming. But it is a little early for them to bloom full out. I have two climbers red and pink that are planted near each other and have formed an arch over a window they normally bloom at the same time and is quite lovely. I will post pictures as soon as it starts blooming like it should.
On the knitting front I am just about finished with one sleeve on the jacket. Making quick progress now. Just the other sleeve to go then it is on to shaping the collar, putting on the I-cord trim and buttons! I am already planning another one in yellow. Love them! I also put sock yarn to make matching socks for each little jacket. Will post pictures shortly.

Happy Knitting.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Busy Weekend

The weather here has gotten nice and warm I really hope it stays that way. This weekend, I got a little knitting done, but not as much as I wanted to. This is how it started.....
Friday morning, got up and let the dogs outside. Lily, the basset hound had blood in her urine, a lot of blood! And it was all of a sudden it wasn't there the night before. She was eating, playing and didn't have a temp. So rush to the vet, I had to leave her there for tests and x-rays. But I was still late for work, now my babies come first but Fridays are a really bad day to be late or out at all. There are only two of us and I am usually the only one there at 8am. So I call and leave a message knowing no one will check it, but feel compelled to do it. I got there at 8:30, then had to leave at 4pm to get back home by 5pm to pick up Lily. Traffic was at a dead stop. I had to take some creative alternative routes!
The verdict, she will be fine she has a urinary tract infection and the medication has already made her much better.
Saturday was filled with errands and the grocery store.
Today, we put up some lattice fencing, two trellises, cut and laid down shoe molding, put together a little shelf unit for my radios. I also took Lily for a walk since she was feeling better.
And of course, I have to catch up on my blogs and emails. So I don't think I am going to get any knitting done tonight either. But tomorrow is another day and I have a whole hour for lunch/knitting time.

Plus, my hubby got a new job and so we get to move! This is both thrilling and frightening at the same time! I'm sure more adventures are sure to come in that arena.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Space and Time

Okay where has the time gone. I really thought today was Tuesday, and I was feeling like I didn't really have a weekend and couldn't believe that it was the beginning of a new week already and then newsflash! It Wednesday, which isn't the same as Friday but at least I am a day closer than I thought I was, woohooo!
I am working on the jacket and about 65% done. I have make the skirt part too long and decided not to rip it back after consulting with the instructor. I also think it may be too big for my little cousin for whom it was intended. I have followed the instructions and checked my gauge, but it just looks big to me. Luckily I have other little cousins that I could give it too if it proves too big for Reese.
Or Reese will be able to wear it a loooong time. LOL Which is also good.

The first part seemed to take forever but it is moving quickly now and I have the sleeves almost done. I am ready to start the shoulder shaping and then it will be weaving, the collar, the i-cord trim and finally buttons.

I can't wait to see it finished.

We are still having cool weather here but finally the wind has gone away. The skies are clearing but the temps are only in the 40s and 50s. My flowers are all very confused. The hosta has poked it's leaves up and said brrrrr! But they are braving it nonetheless.
I am so tired of being cold I want 70 degree weather, please!

Well, happpy knitting

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Very Mild Nor'easter

All week long they have been telling us of this storm that was coming. It was going to be wind and rain and thunder! Well I guess technically they were right we had two rolls of thunder today. We certainly got some rain but only one serious downpour the rest of the time was like a typical spring shower. The wind did blow but it was more of a stiff breeze than the 30mph gust they were talking about. Not that I am complaining mind you. Nor'easter typically tear this place up worse than the hurricanes we get, so I am grateful. But I wonder sometimes if our society hasn't just moved to such extremism that now everything is a disaster when it really isn't.

The silver lining in these friendly storm clouds is I am getting loads done by staying indoors today. Not as much knitting as you would think. I have been on a cleaning out the closet binge. I plan to knit this evening after I am too tired to empty another closet. The second and final baby bog jacket class is tomorrow and I haven't gotten to the point we are supposed to be at for the class but hey, no pressure right?

I found more yarn at another thrift store yesterday. This was two huge balls of exactly the same creamy color. I am keeping everything in plastic bags away from my stash until I an wash it and make sure there are not mothies in there. People must be giving away grandma's yarn or something. So I am hitting up the thrift stores for yarn stash. LOL. In addition to my regular trips to the yarn store.
So much yarn so little time.

Happy Knitting

Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th is gooood.

Happy Friday All!
Today at lunch I was completely bored, didn't know what to do. A co-worker suggested this little thrift store in town so I drove over there to check it out. I had never been there before. I found yarn! I bought three bags with four balls in each bag for 1.95. Most of it finger weight and only one bag even had two balls that matched but that is okay I can use it for something; baby socks, ankle socks or stripes in other socks. Something.

On the knitting front. I am up to 35 ridges of the 50 I need for class on Monday. I am hoping to have a very productive weekend. I am also continuing to work on some socks. I got all my little cousin's sizes from my aunt this week so I am ready to go to make them all something fun for this summer. Two girls and a boy. Any suggestions are welcome. They are 2, 6, and 8. I am thinking a little dress for the youngest one, maybe a dress or a swimsuit cover up for the older girl. I'm totally at a loss for the boy though. Winter time I would have it pegged sweaters all around! But summetime? Geeze it is kinda tough.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday

Well, not much happening here today, it is sunny which is a nice change from the snow yesterday and it is in the 50s. We plan on dinner later this evening, so we decided to spice up our otherwise uneventful holiday with a trip to the nursing home.

So we packed up the two therapy dogs par excellence. (Lily and Molly)

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into the Dog Wagon...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And headed over to Northampton Convelescent Center (

It was a pretty active there today being a holiday and I was glad to see that one of our regulars was out today with family. But there were plenty of residents, staff and guests to give Lily and Molly a good work out. And everyone seemed happy to see them. One of the residents was celebrating her 100th birthday this month!

It was a good way to spend an afteroon.

On the knitting front, worked some this morning on the bog jacket, plan to do some more this evening. And have been keeping up with the Yarn Harlot on her blog.
If you haven't checked it out, all I can say is why? It is hilarious and her adventures at the Chicago airport will make you laugh and cry for her! I have never been to Chicago and always have wanted to go so this weekend I am living vicariously through Stephanie McPhee! It doesn't look like she is coming to my neck of the woods so I am having to keep up on the fun through her blog. ah, such is life.

Well, I have to go start some laundry, as my husband is concerned that he cannot wear an unfinished baby bog jacket to work tomorrow. Go figure.

Til next time....Happy Knitting.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Snow!

That's right folks it was 84 on Wednesday and today when I got up snow! The day before Easter. Hope folks don't freeze in their lacy spring dresses tomorrow! Apparently, mother nature felt like February would be a good Easter gift and brought it back!
We have had periods of sun all day and in between the sun breaking through the clouds we have had.....snow! It didn't stick it was too wet you can't even tell it was ever here. But I have the pictures to prove it! LOL. My hosta's are wondering why they bothered to even poke their little leaves through the ground.

It has made a good day for blogging, reading and knitting and I have done them all. I am worked on the Baby Bog Jacket today. I finished a book little book called Murder at the Monk's Table. I am still reading The Friday Night Knitting Club. It is not my usual kind of book so it is taking me a while to get through it. Not to mention that on Friday, I received my copy of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off! Yep that's right, the Yarn Harlot was in my mailbox! I was so excited. But I wanted to finish these other books before I started it so I could give it my undivided attention.

I started a new blog today for my "other" hobby... amateur radio. Rather than having knitters eyes glaze over by talking about it here, I started a HAM blog. If you would like to see what HAM (that's what we call amateur radio) radio is all about come on over to you might find your will have a new hobby in no time. HAM are awesome people just like knitters. They do a lot of community service so I think some common ground can be found there because knitters are born givers!

Back to the Bog Jacket I am begging to think I didn't buy enough yarn. I bought 10 balls which should have been enough according to the instructions of 5 four once balls, but I am one and half balls into it and not even half way to the mark I need to be for class next week. I may have to go see if I can get some more just in case.
I am paranoid now after the "sock" incident, but I can't talk about that just yet.
Otherwise the jacket is coming along very nicely, it is quite easy really. Of course, I haven't done anything like the sleeves yet! LOL. I am thinking about what kind of buttons to put on it. I am thinking something with little butterflies or bumble bees. That would go with the pink, yellow and green of the colorway. I plan to put an I-cord trim on in in yellow. Will post pictures as soon as it looks like something. Til then.....

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring Colors

I have been trying to get this post up since last Wednesday. It was a crazy week and the weekend has just gone by too fast. I started to post this morning but got caught up in Stephanie's post about her book tour at her yarn harlot blog. Then had to run out and do errands. I had to order new glasses today. Yes, it has happened. I need reading glasses! I'm way too young for such things but I've decided the only thing to do is put my chin up and embrace it as a new level of womanhood. On a lighter note....

Spring is arriving, some places more slowly than others but it is on the way.

I had to take pictures of balloon tests at work last week. A balloon test is used to simulate the height of a proposed tower, in this case a cell tower. And it was a gorgeous day. So at lunch time, since I had my camera I decided to try and capture a few things that proved spring was coming in full force.

First, I spotted this almost immediately! Yarn on the Hoof!
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I just want to run over there and shear his/her cute little self.

I tore myself away and went in search of other signs of spring. I found this gate open. And wondered where it might lead.

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I walked some more and spyed this beauty.
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And finally a riotous group of hats really caught my eye, blowing in the breeze and show off their colors.
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I think that second one in on the bottom looks suspiciously like a portkey, don't you? They way it stands out from the others?

Well, today I went to my class to learn Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Bog Jacket. We had a blast. We don't meet again for another week, in order to give us time to get the knitting done and be ready to weave or add I-cord.
This is so easy and beautiful. She is a genius really!
The instructor who studied Elizabeth Zimmerman, is just wonderful and so kind and forgiving when you make a mistake and have to correct.

I can't wait to get home tonight and knit on it some more! And it is 84 out there today! Ug and I'm stuck inside. I could be sitting outside, knitting and getting some sun!
Oh well, have to earn enough money to pay for the yarn, I suppose.

Happy Knitting!