Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Good Therapy Visit

One of my extracurricular activities is visiting a local convalescent and rehabilitation center. My husband handles our Golden Retriever, Molly and I handle our Basset Hound, Lily. But, last night it was just Lily and I. We got there a little earlier than normal so residents were not finished with their dinner yet, which means we are not allowed on the floor near the rooms. So we sat up front in this living room like area they have and waited. We practiced some tricks like "sit pretty" and "roll over" plus our basic commands.
But, it turned out this was the best situation because as people started to leave the dining room they saw us on their way down the hall and stopped in to see Lily. We were they for over an hour and had one of the best visits. Family members are allowed to come and have dinner with the member of their family who is in residence at the home so Lily got a lot of attention from residents and guests alike, and staff, as always. Her floppy ears seem to draw a crowd.
There are typically more women in residence there than men, but we did have quite a few men this week and many of them had hunting dogs when they were younger one gentlemen was so excited to see Lily because he used to have a Basset Hound himself.
I think that will be our new routine from now on, is to get there early enough to catch people as they are coming out of the dining room and let them stop if they want rather than walking from room to room to see if people want to visit.
Lily was exhausted by the time we got home. LOL.

My second sock is processing very quickly. I did the heel flap and started turning the heel last night.
I brought it with me to work today in case I had time on my lunch break to work on it. But I have too much studying for Saturdays class so I think the sock will have to wait until tonight.

Happy Knitting

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rainy Yukky Day

And of course I am feeling better, but dont' want to go anywhere in this weather. It is cold and rainy here so I know my friends in PA are probably getting snow. I know they were expecting more bad whether this weekend. They have all had so much!
My friend Joanne is home from the hospital and I know she is very happy about that. I know I am happy she is home and on the fast track to recovery from hip replacement. Another friend, Lynne out in Washington state, is very ill and will be in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery as well.

But on the sunny side what a great day for knitting! Except I haven't done any because it is also a great day for laundry and cooking ribs in the slow cooker and everything else that doesn't get done during the week.

I did however, find more yarn this week, not that it is scarce or anything, but a friend of a friend who sews, you know those folks that are skilled enough to make clothes, said that a local fabric store here sold some yarn and reasonable cheap prices. And I'm not one to pass of a good deal on yarn or anything else for that matter. So I went over there, they didn't really have much of a yarn selection but I did like what they had. I bought some cotton yarn, called salt and pepper, it is black, white and gray. I think it will be a great scarf for my nephew. I was thinking of making something for him that looked sort of southwest. But I think this will be awesome. Plus I have never worked cotton before and I am looking forward to trying it. It feels so much heavier than wool.

I have finished the one sock I was working on and thank you to Lori who sent me a great link for using the Kitchner stitch, I have started on the second sock and it is going much faster than the first one. The blanket and scarf are still works in progress.

Yesterday, I went to my first class to prepare for the exam to upgrade my ametuer radio license to General class. It was a four hour class that was nearly five and just so much info to absorb! Next week will be even more demanding, as it will be the class for the math review (logarythms and square roots) and electronics. It is a six week course and so much info I can't believe it. But, keep your fingers crossed I get through this!

Well laundry is waiting and other fun chores, so I best get to it so they don't cut into valuable knitting time.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Idle Thoughts on a Holiday

Not many people get to have President's Day off from work. And I think this is the first time I have ever had it off as a holiday from work, but thankfully so. I have had the worse stomach virus since Friday, yes, that's right I have been sick the entire weekend! What is even worse is that I took Friday off to have a nice four day weekend, my hubby and I had big plans this weekend to include going out of town for a day. Well that was all put on hold as I couldn't hardly leave my comfy chair much less town. I was so sick on Friday I couldn't even knit! Can you imagine, I toyed with the idea of going to the ER, I mean if I didn't have the will to knit i must have been on death's door.
I am somewhat improved today and able to knit again.
I have actually worked ahead on my sock homework. Tuesday is the last night for sock class. I'm sure that normally knitting a sock doesn't take three weeks. But shaping the toe was easy enough so I saved the finishing part for class. I have never done the Kitchner stitch and would like to see the instructors demonstration before I attempt anything that might ruin the sock that has taken three weeks to knit. It looks pretty good even looks like a sock. LOL.

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Last Wednesday I decided that I would needed to start planning for my own pair of socks now that I was nearly half finished with the pair for my hubby. So I went back to Knitting Sisters and bought four balls of wool for myself.
The first one is 100% superwash wool, the color is called Mother Load, a combination of muted burgundy, green, yellow, gold, blue and brown.
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The second is also 100% superwash wool the colorway is called Forest and a mixture of dark to light greens and blues with some black.
Both are by Lorna's Laces hand dyed yarns.
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So now that I have worked ahead on my sock, it is sitting on the only pair of size 2 needles I own at the moment. So rather than start another sock, I have returned to other projects already on the needles.

I am still attempting to have everyone knitted something for next Christmas, I have completed a hat and scarf for my niece's son. A hat, scarf and mitten set for her and now working on a scarf that will be part of a scarf and hat set for her husband. I doing it in a basket weave stitch for no reason other than I wanted to learn how to do the basket weave stitch. I selected a really soft acrylic yarn for him called Grapevine, it is a dark purple and green, very masculine I thought and keeping in the color scheme of the family. I did shades of blue and purple for my niece, in light tones and blue for their son.

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I can't decide on colors for my sister in law, my hubby thinks orange and white since they are Tennessee Vols fans, but I was thinking something a little more feminine. Perhaps the orange and white for my brother in law. Plus, two nephews and one nephews girlfriend. Another brother and sister in law and then I will have my hubby's side of the family done. Then on to my side! LOL. I have more little ones on my side which I think are lots of fun.

Well, it is cold outside and I am not back to being a 100% so that means time to get knitting!
Happy knitting all!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Saga of the Sock

I have sock homework isn't that cute! Yes, I have to be down to the heal flap by tomorrow night. I have about 5 more inches to go though. It will be a marathon session tonight that is for sure. When gauge is this small it takes a while.
In class tomorrow night we will learn how to turn a heal. Which I am looking forward to with great anticipation!

My weekend was good and I got a lot done, just not all of it was done on my sock.
Work was crazy on Friday and promises to repeat its own history today and tomorrow as I am short handed. And not just short handed, but at the moment here all alone! Fun fun!
But on the bright side it is supposed to be 51 degrees today, that is going to feel like a heat wave! I hope it is at least close to that when I go out to lunch to run errands.

It has actually been a couple of days since I started this post. I completed my sock homework for Tuesdays class and have gotten past the heel and ready to start the foot. It is not has hard as I thought it would be and we are using the magic loop methods which is a lot of fun.

This first pair is for my hubby the next pair will be for me, maybe the next two pair :-)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Who doesn't love socks! Just about everyone wears them, everyone I know needs them and I have learned to knit them!
I am perhaps too excited about socks.
I went to my first sock class this week, it was the first of three. There are three other ladies in the class, we all have varying degrees of knitting experience. We had great fun and the class actually ran over the scheduled two hours we were having so much fun. We also learned to use a software program to create our own sock patterns which is very simple and easy to use.
So we all left with homework we have to knit down past the heel flap to the actual heel for the next class. Next class we will learn how to turn a heel.
Some of the ladies in the class had chosen brightly colored self striping yarn for their projects. I have to admit that in a ball the colorway did not appeal to me, but once knitted up they are gorgeous! I will have to try some of that yarn next time. I have a lovely gray argyle. I chose to make my first pair for my hubby. And he is not really into striped socks. So the next pair will be for me and in a lovely stripe pattern too.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Knitting Bowl

I'm not much into football, but I do watch the Super Bowl for the commercials usually. This year I found it disappointing though. But it is a great time to get some knitting done.
I think next year I might organize a knitting bowl, see how far we all get on a project during the game.

I had to frog my blanket and start over, but it is for the better. I am making great progress now. I need to work on a scarf as well, but I am saving that for lunch time breaks at work because it is much more portable.

It is cold here folks, the are recording the coldest temperatures we have had in two years. I realize for folks in the Northeast, my temps here aren't too impressive, but it is going to be 16F here tonight before windchill. We are not getting any snow or ice, which I guess is good, but frankly if I have to be this cold, I should at least have some snow to play in.

Of course 2inches of snow around here closes everything down. Schools, government, malls you name it. So couple of extra days off from work would be nice to get some more knitting done.

I am on such a roll, but at the same time I am in the black hole of knitting. I worked on my blanket during the whole Super Bowl and it felt like I got a lot done, but when you look at it, it doesn't seem like I have gotten very far.

Tomorrow begins sock class at Knitting Sisters, I can't wait. I have my little knitting tote bag all packed and ready to go. I have the software loaded in my computer that they are going to teach us to use, although I played with it this weekend and it is fairly self explanatory.

Work is awfully slow today I have this overwhelming urge to reach under my desk and pull out some knitting. But I have a feeling if I did that, I would suddenly have a lot more to do. LOL

Well that is all the news from here today.
Happy knitting.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Knitting with an Astronaut

Have you ever considering knitting in space? I mean just think of the advantages, you'd never have to worry about dropping your scissors, no more DPNs rolling under stuff, they would just float around in front of you.
Last night I got as close as I am willing to get to space. Dr. Harrison Schmitt, who was an astronaut on Apollo 17 gave a presentation last night at the Virginia Air and Space Museum. My hubby is a huge fan of the space program and knows all sorts of trivia. He can name the astronauts from the various programs like Mercury, Gemini and the Apollo missions. So he really wanted to attend the lecture last night. He asked me if I would go with him. I'm not as excited about it as he is so I said sure, can I take my knitting? Naturally, he didn't care. So off we went. It was fairly interesting the parts I followed when I wasn't counting my stitches for my basket weave pattern for a scarf I am knitting for my niece's husband. I thought the scarf my be a little easier to handle than my monster blanket I am working on. LOL.
So it was a nice evening out and I didn't lose any valuable knitting time.