Monday, December 17, 2007

Two in One Day

Productive Weekend

Well it was too short as always but at least I was productive. I started and finished two hats this weekend in addition to my normal weekend chores; you know laundry, vacuuming etc.

Saturday, the hubby and I were feeling like we needed to be abused so we went to the post office and then to the mall! Well since we didn’t have to shop on a deadline it wasn’t too bad, if you don’t mind people walking really really slow in front of you in the mall. I have a pet peeve with this sort of behavior and it has in the past caused me to think horrible thoughts like body checking old people and pushing baby carriages out of the way. I’m not a mall person at any time of year but holidays, no way!
There was a lined wrapped I don’t know how many times around to see Santa, and they were behind the Santa ropes and out of the way, it was all the looking loo’s stopping to wave to people in line or watching a particularly cute baby get their picture taken. In principle I have nothing against, Santa in the mall, cute babies or people who admire them, but it is like driving people, pull off to the side!
Bang! Ouch, that was me falling off my soap box.

So Sunday, a cold and blustery day, the kind of day that makes Winnie the Pooh stay in-doors. So I thought Pooh probably has the right idea. So I stayed in-doors with my comfy sweat pants and t-shirt.
I did chores, I make potato soup and I knitted two hats.

The details, the first hat I actually started on Friday but I finished it Saturday night while watching SNL reruns. (That counts as an FO for the weekend right?) Sunday, I had a pouch of potato/broccoli soup mix. I put it in the crock pot with the required about of water then added fresh potatoes and cooked ham. It turned out very yummy and was quite nice on a cold day.

Once the laundry was started and the floors cleaned, I put in a movie which turned into three movies and cast on a hat with earflaps. (A first) It turned out quite well and I finished it at about 8pm last night.

I also have to say that I am very sad to report that I was disappointed in the last Harry Potter movie. It came out on DVD this week and I bought it while I was out on Saturday.
(I don’t go to movie theaters for the same reason I avoid the mall). I have to say that is was the least eventful in my opinion of the movies and it so far is the one that left the most out from the book. I realize the books are long and the movie would be 4 hours if they put everything in there, but still they could have done a better job with the fight scene, where Sirius is killed that is quite the battle in the book. I’m not sorry I bought the movie, I would have wanted it for my collection anyway, but I sure hope they do a better job with the next two.

This morning on the way to work I cast on a pair of socks. I haven’t done a pair in a while and was feeling the urge. I also plan to cast on a mobius wrap for my neighbor tonight and use the socks as my portable project. I have a chili red yarn and is just screaming to be made into something warm and cozy! So my neighbor will have something to wear to church soon (I hope)

So to sum up: The knitted gifts for my hubby’s niece and her family are now done. The ear flap hat goes with a matching scarf for her little boy. A hat and scarf set for her hubby and then hat, scarf and mittens for her. They will be on their way soon. I already sent them something for Christmas so this is really just a winter gift in case it doesn’t get there on time. I have a few like that actually. I have sent two boxes to a friend in PA. Who is really cold, this week, they are in danger of losing power in her neighborhood.

And the same for another friend, I shipped Christmas presents early and sending follow up knitted items. LOL. My way of meeting deadlines without the pressure! LOL.

And a note on my blogging lately. At my new job (which is going quite well) we cannot get to certain sites and so my blogging is some what limited from work unlike before, where I could sit in on a day like today at lunch time and blog.

*So I am having to type up my thoughts as they come to me and then post them later. Especially if I want to include any pictures.* So I apologize if my posting seems sporadic.

Happy Knitting and to all my friends in the northeast, stay safe and warm!

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