Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday, Monday


I finished the elusive scarf but with a design, I need more practice with my fair isle technique and it isn’t quite ready for gifting just yet. So I will save that for another day. Instead I found two lovely motifs to incorporate, one of a star (lone star) and one of Texas. I call it Chai Texas. I love the color reminds me of chai tea. Its actually called sandstone. It is 57” without the fringe. I immediately started on a little hat to match. I am hoping to finish that tonight but that might be wishful thinking. I had plans to knit on my lunch break, but it is 10am and already 68 degrees today. Go figure nearly 70 degrees and two weeks until Christmas. I envy anyone with snow right now.
We have rarely ever had white Christmases here, but I remember once as a child we had a white Easter. It is rarely very cold here in December, the coldest month is usually February and we get more ice than snow anyway.
It is my goal one day to take a vacation at Christmas time and go somewhere with snow. 
My next goal is to finish this hat, knit up another quickly and then a pair of socks all in time for shipping before Christmas. Think I can do it? I have the yarn and the patterns, the question is do I have enough time?
Have you seen the beautiful lace work Margaret is doing? She just finished this lovely shawl. She is a wonderful inspiration to me and hopefully others as well. Go check her out
There are so many wonderful projects being down out there and especially this time of year.

Also, it is one year ago this week that I began knitting, one whole year I hope I have improved during that time. I think I have but such a long way to go yet. But the journey will at least be fun! I had big plans for all the things I was going to knit this year that for one reason or another didn’t materialize, mostly because I don’t seem to knit very fast. But I plan once again to knit through out the year wonderful gifts for loved ones next Christmas. While adding to my own wardrobe.

Happy Knitting


NH Knitting Mama said...

Congrats on your 1 year knitting anniversary! Here's to many more!

Margaret said...

For someone who's only been knitting a year, you're doing great! Just keep trying new things and have fun with it! Thanks so much for the nice link too.