Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dogs On Thursday

Well, Lily has expressed her interest in yarn on more than one occassion but she has finally decided that I wasn't listening to her pleas to learn to knit so this morning she decided to make her wish very well known.

I was not a first hand witness to her intentions but she relayed the message to the hubby by waltzing into the den with a hank of Lorna's Lace in her mouth! A new hank, recently purchased on my yarn shopping spree!

Now I admit that I am sometimes guilty of missing subtle hints but I think this message was extreme!

The Lorna's was safely retrieved by dear hubby and resting in a very high location when I entered the room. Lily was laying in the floor looking very guilty and very sad that she thought her attempts and telling us she wanted to learn to knit had gone unnoticed yet again. I assured her that I got the message and would start teaching her tonight, but not with the pretty blue varigated Lorna's but maybe something a little easier for a basset with no thumbs.

She seemed happy with that and went off to play and seemed to ignore the rest of the Lorna's Lace, the Noro and the wooden sock blockers!

We will begin basset knitting tonight, to prevent any future yarn destruction in Lily's attempt to teach herself!

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Annie M. said...

Your dog has excellent taste!

Next year I think I'll have a cyber Christmas Eve celebration for all of the 'orphan families' out there!